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Nature's Defense Animal Repellent
Nature's Defense Organic Animal Repellent

Nature's Defense organic repellent granules are 100% ORGANIC, environmentally safe, humane and contains no harmful chemicals to hurt animals. Nature's Defense granules can be sprinkled anywhere on the ground to create a natural scent and taste aversion barrier. This natural organic compound repels over 20 different species of pest animals, including deer and elk!

Nature's Defense does not wash away in the rain or snow and will not harm children, pets, plants or food crops
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Shop Animal Scent & Taste Aversion Products Below >>

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Nature's DefenseNature's DefenseAll purpose animal repellent is a scent and taste aversion granule that repels over 20 pest animals.
Nature's Defense - Rat RepellentNature's Defense - Rat RepellentMouse and rat repellent granules provide a scent and taste aversion that keep rodents out of your home.
Natures' Defense - Deer RepellentNatures' Defense - Deer Repellent100% Organic deer repellent packs; all-natural scent aversion protects food plots and property from deer.
Sting 'Em Bird GelSting 'Em Bird GelSting 'Em Bird Gel is a roost inhibitor that makes landing surfaces sticky and irritable to pest birds. Works on many animals, too.