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Bat Control Devices
It is important to implement some type of bat removal method for effective bat control. Ignoring a bat problem can lead to bat infestations, costly property damage and potential health risks. Once a colony of bats have formed bat removal becomes much more difficult. Bat colonies that have formed in buildings, barns, warehouses, hangars and other large areas that provide perching opportunities may require a complete bat control management program. Electronic bat devices and other bat deterrent products can aid in the successful removal of bats. We offer several proven and effective bat control products including electronic bat control devices that can safely and humanely get rid of bats. 

Electronic Bat Control
Ultrasonic bat repellent devices produce ultrasonic frequencies that interfere with bat’s echolocation (sonar radar) navigation. The ultrasonic waves disorient and irritate the bats and encourage them to seek more peaceful locations.
The Transonic Pro is best utilized indoors (shed, barn, garage, etc.) with a coverage up to 3,500 square feet.
The Ultrason X is designed for outdoor use (patios, parking garages, warehouses, etc.) and covers up to 3,600 square feet.
The QuadBlaster-4 model can be used for indoor areas or semi-enclosed spaces and covers 6,500 square feet. The QB4 is the same model used by the U.S. Air Force, Navy, Boeing, and many other large companies. The Super QB4 adds a red flashing strobe light which is a great visual bat deterrent that is threatening to bats.

Other Bat Deterrents
Bat Netting is a more permanent and preventative bat control method that creates a physical bat barrier. Bat exclusion netting is easy to install across openings and structures to protect large areas from bat infestation. Bats can squeeze through an opening the size of a quarter. The most popular bat netting we sell for bat prevention is our BirdNet Premium Bat Netting, because of its heavy duty construction, tight mesh and protects against tearing or picking by pest bats.

Shop Bat Control Products Below:

Shop Bat Control Products Below:

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Bird Netting StructuralBird Netting StructuralHeavy-duty BirdNet for protecting structures, vineyards, crops, etc. from nuisance birds and bats.
BirdNet PremiumBirdNet Premium3/4" Premium grade netting is a permanent physical barrier solution for large commercial projects.
Indoor Bird LaserIndoor Bird LaserIndoor bird laser uses laser beams to repel birds and other creatures from indoor areas and enclosed spaces.
Outdoor Bird LaserOutdoor Bird LaserOutdoor laser bird repeller distracts and removes birds, rodents and bats from outdoor areas with laser technology.
QuadBlaster QB-4QuadBlaster QB-4Ultrasonic bird repeller blast birds and bats out of semi-enclosed, indoor areas with silent ultrasonic waves.
Super QuadBlasterSuper QuadBlasterUltrasonic pest bird repeller and flashing strobe light is a multi-sensory attack on birds and bats.
Transonic ProTransonic ProSonic and ultrasonic animal repeller gets rid of bats and small critters using sound frequencies they can't tolerate.
Ultrason XUltrason XOutdoor, ultrasonic bird control device uses "silent" high-pitch frequencies that only birds and bats can hear.


Say the word "Bat" around someone loud enough, and watch their natural reaction to duck, cover their head and frantically look around. There is a natural tendency for people to be frightened by bats. Unfortunately, "Hollywood", has given bats a bad rap by commonly associating them with scary movies and vampires! Much myth and lore exist about bats, but the truth is that bats are very important to our ecosystem. There are over 1200 known species of different bats in the world. Most bats are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. Many species share common characteristics such as they primarily eat insects (including mosquitoes) and some bugs, they self-groom, they sleep during daylight hours, they hunt and feed primarily at night, females typically only produce one "pup" or baby a year, they have very good echolocation systems (sonar radar) and most species have very fragile bodies and skeletal systems.

Since bats only produce one offspring a year, several species' populations have been in vast decline. In America alone, nearly 40% of bat species are listed as endangered or threatened. Because of the myths and stigma associated with bats, people tend to get very nervous and alarmed when they realize a bat has invaded their home or property. In light of that fact, most people don't realize that the bat is just as frightened as they are. They have typically entered through a small hole looking for insects or flew through an open window or door by mistake. The natural inclination is that the bat must go, IMMEDIATELY! Sometimes this hastiness by humans leads to an unhappy ending for the bat! Some common rudimentary methods for bat control include the bat being smashed with a broom or heavy object, trapped in a towel or blanket and crushed, stomped on, poisoned, shot or exterminated by a professional. Although these methods of bat control may prove successful for the home or business owner, in reality they are inhumane, unnecessary and harmful to our ecosystem! In many states killing a bat is unlawful and can carry a hefty fine!

Contrary to popular belief, less than 1% of all bats carry rabies. Most bats do not instinctively bite humans without being provoked or cornered. Most bats have very good eyesight and do not intentionally dive bomb into people's hair. Bats seldom transmit disease to other animals or humans. However, bat droppings or "guano" contains bacteria and may harbor fungal organisms. Bat guano can contaminate the soil and cause infectious spores to be released when the soil is disturbed. Histoplasmosis is one of the most common diseases that is a result of breathing the infectious spores from guano into our airways. Bat guano is typically only hazardous when found in large quantities caused by several bats. 

Bat removal for one or two bats found in a home can safely be removed with a common sense approach that doesn't harm the bat. Do a Google search for bat control, bat repellent, bat removal, get rid of bats, electronic bat control or bat control devices and you'll find plenty of great educational resources to help you safely remove bats

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