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Industrial Bird Control Hazer
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Industrial Bird Control Hazer
This product is being discontinued.  Please call for availability and pricing!

The Industrial Bird Control Hazer turns our specially formulated bird repellent, Eco Bird, into a lighter than air haze that rises to meets birds during flight. The scent of the haze irritates the bird's sense of taste and smell, thus deterring them from landing. The Industrial Bird Hazer can cover large open air areas, indoors and out, and incorporates a powerful 2 speed fan that blows the invisible and harmless haze into the air.  The Industrial Hazer can provide outstanding bird control in unattended areas or for mobile applications where birds are spread out over a large area.
  • Ideal for large agricultural or industrial applications such as farms, parks and airport runways, large roofs and other big open areas.
  • Works especially well on bigger birds. Ideal for geese control at office complexes, athletic fields and golf courses.
  • Heavy-duty wheels make the unit completely portable so it can easily be moved from one location to the next.
  • Bird hazer can be mounted to a tractor or trailer.
  • Move the unit daily to take advantage of wind direction. The windier the better for bird hazers.
  • Eco Bird 4.0 haze has a grape like scent that is harmless to humans, pets, birds and crops. The active ingredient which is made from grapes irritates the bird's senses.
  • Fogging nozzle is factory set to produce the correct amount of haze each time. No complicated formulas to mix or calculates.
  • Includes internal heater for cold weather applications above 20o.
  • Programmable digital control timer allows custom setting of how often and how much haze is generated.
  • One tank filled with a gallon of Eco Bird liquid will last 2-3 months depending on the frequency of use.
  • Sealed fan motor housing. Timer and pump are box protected.
  • Made in the USA!

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Industrial Brid Control Hazer Specifications
Dimensions 37"h x 30"w x 14"d
Weight (Ships from NJ) 60 lbs.
Coverage 2 acres plus
Power Requirement 110 vac power / 9 amp draw (Optional-Solar Power Generated)
Battery Back Up Yes
Motor Sealed, 2 speed fan unit
Tank Liquid Capacity 2.5 gallons. (can last up to two months)
Timer Control Digital, Programmable settings
Haze Density Slightly heavier haze
Heater for hazing unit Thermostatically controlled
Warranty 1 year using only Eco Bird Repellent
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