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Product Name SKU Number Product Category
Bird Bopper BB-001 Visual Scare Device
BroadBand Pro BB-PRO-B Ultrasonic/Sonic Bird Repeller
Bed Bug Alert BBA Insect Deterrent
Balcony Gard BG Ultrasonic Pest Repeller
Bird Blazer BLAZER Visual Bird Repeller
Bird Proof Gel BP-GEL Bird Gel
Safety Solvent Cleaner BPS Bird Gel Cleaner
Bird Stop BS Taste Aversion
BirdXPeller Pro Model 1 BXP-PRO1 Sonic Bird Repeller
BirdXPeller Pro Model 2 BXP-PRO2 Sonic Bird Repeller
BirdXPeller Pro Model WP BXP-PROWP Sonic Bird Repeller
Remote Extension Speaker BXP-ES Sonic Bird Repeller
BirdXPeller - Woodpeckers BXP-WP Sonic Bird Repeller
3D Coyote Decoy COYOTE-3D Visual Scare Device
Deer Gard DG Ultrasonic Deer Repeller
Shock Tape Charger FF-100 Bird Shock Device
Flock Off! UV Paint FO-UV Visual Deterrent
Flock Off! Bird Gel FOG-010 Bird Gel
Flock Reflector FR-020 Visual Scare Device
GooseBuster GB Sonic Bird Repeller
Gator Guard GG Visual Scare Device
Solar Charger HB-002 Accessories
Hazer Unit Cover HZ-COV Bird Hazer
Industrial Bird Hazer IN-006 Bird Hazer
Irri-Tape IT Visual Scare Device
Eco Bird Gallon EB-010 Bird Hazer
Mega Blaster Pro MB-P Sonic Bird Repeller
BirdNet Mounting Clips MTG Bird Netting
Nature's Defense Animal Repellent ND Taste Aversion
Nature's Defense-Deer ND-FPS Taste Aversion
Nature's Defense-Rats & Mice ND-MR Taste Aversion
Bird Netting - Standard NET Bird Netting
Bird Netting - Premium NET-PE Bird Netting
Bird Netting - Structural NET-S Bird Netting
Prowler Owl OWL Visual Scare Device
Portable Moby Hazer PM-005 Bird Hazer
POD Hazer PH-008 Bird Hazer
Pallet Protector PP-028 Pest Shock Device
Quadblaster QB4 QB4 Ultrasonic Bird Repeller
Super Quadblaster QB4-S Ultrasonic/Visual Bird Repeller
Stainless Steel Bird Spikes SBS Bird Spikes
Super BirdXPeller Pro Model 1 SBXP-PRO1 Sonic Bird Repeller
Super BirdXPeller Pro Model 2 SBXP-PRO2 Sonic Bird Repeller
Super BirdXPeller Pro Model - WP SBXP-WP Sonic Bird Repeller
Super BirdXPeller Pro Model - CB SBXP-CB Sonic Bird Repeller
Hydroblast Scarecrow SC Animal Repeller
Solar Panels SOLPAN Accessories
Sting 'Em Bird Gel SP-714 Bird Gel
Spikes Polycarbonate SPK Bird Spikes
Shock Stick SS-021S Bird Shock Device
Bird Spikes Adhesive SSA Bird Spikes
Shock Tape ST-019 Bird Shock Device
Shock Tape Kit STK-038 Bird Shock Device
Terror Eyes TE Visual Scare Device
Transonic Bug Chaser TX-BUG Ultrasonic Insect Repeller
Transonic Mole TX-MOLE Ultrasonic Mole Repeller
Transonic Pro TX-PRO Ultrasonic Animal Repeller
Tweetzilla Bird Hazer TZ-003 Bird Hazer
Ultrason X USX Ultrasonic Pest Repeller
Umbrella Protector UP-035 Bird Shock Device
Visual Scare Kit VIS-PAK Visual Scare Device
Yard Gard YG Ultrasonic Animal Repeller