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Natures' Defense - Deer Repellent
Nature's Defense Repels DeerNature's Defense Deer Repellent Packs
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Nature's Defense - Deer Repellent Packs
100% ORGANIC food plot protection

Nature's Defense Deer Repellent repels all species of deer from your property.  Simply hang each Nature’s Defense Deer Repellent Pack (sachet) as directed to protect your valuable food plots. Protects food plots for up to 60 days until the plants mature or to keep deer away as needed. It’s easy, effective and guaranteed to work!
  • Safe and humane deer scent aversion!
  • 100% certified organic deer repellent.
  • Safely use around children, pets, plants and food crops.
  • Provides deer repellent protection for up to 60 days!
  • No messy chemicals, liquid sprays or traps..
  • Contains no blood or rotten egg to attract carnivorous animals.
  • Protect flowers, bulbs and vegetable plants.
  • Nature's Defense Deer Packs are not affected by rain or snow.
  • Repels all species of deer including whitetail, mule, blacktail, sitka, elk, moose and more.
*Try using Nature's Defense Deer Repellent with Deer Gard Electronic Repeller for maximum protection!
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Deer Repellent Specifications
Box dimensions 6" x 6" x 7"
Shipping weight (Ships from Chicago) 4 lbs.
Quantity 15 4-oz. packs
Coverage Apply as needed. 15 packs (1 box) covers ½ acre
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