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1 Shock Stick
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Shock Stick
Shock StickShock Stick Electrical Tree ProtectionShock Stick Shrink Wrapped EdgesShock Stick Tree ProtectionMultiple Shock SticksShock Stick Electrified PerchesShock Stick Bird Control System
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Shock Stick Electrified Perch Inhibitor
Protect valuable fruit trees from hungry birds!

The Shock Stick is a low voltage stick for bird protection in trees, hedges, vineyards, fruit fields, cell towers, etc. Shock Stick can be hung in trees or laid across bushes to create artificial electric perches. It is 4' long, and can be charged by a common solar charger or standard 110 charger. Shock Sticks can be linked together to make longer electrified perches and cover acres of trees on a single charger.

Shock Stick will give birds a small jolt to scare them off. It does not harm birds but lets them know this tree is not for landing in! The shock strip is attached to PVC piping with shrink wrapped leads that enables simple operation. Strips can be tied to the tree with zip ties. Place Shock Sticks in natural openings in trees where birds fly in. Birds will naturally land in the easiest horizontal location, which will be the Shock Stick!
  • Tough PVC construction with shrink wrapped leads provides years of worry free operation.
  • An easy do-it-yourself way to protect crops, fruit trees, etc.
  • Multiple methods can be used to electrify trees. Shock Sticks can be used independently or in conjunction with other shock system products.
  • Shock sticks can be wired together end-to-end or multiple wires can be run up multiple branches to electrify each stick individually.
  • Shock Stick is charged by a Solar Charger. No need to run electricity out to trees.
  • Sold individually or in boxes of 10 and 25 units.
Shock Stick Protecting Cherry Trees Shock Stick Installation

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Shock Stick Specifications
Dimensions 48" long x 5/8" diameter
Shipping weight (Ships from NJ) 2 lbs. (single), 15 lbs. (box of 10); 38 lbs. (box of 25)
Box dimensions 50" x 2" x 2" (single); 50" x 8" x 8" (box of 10 or 25)
Material 5/8" Grey PVC Tubing with aluminum leads
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