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1 Shock Tape Kit
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Shock Tape Kit
Shock Tape on a beam.Shock Tape Ledge
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Shock Tape Kit - Low Voltage

This convenient kit includes one 24' roll of Shock Tape and one small solar charger. You can use this shock tape system to remove pesky birds from your interior/exterior beams, ledges, pipes, signs and coping. The low-voltage shock tape sends an electrical current along the surface that will not harm the birds but startle them if they land on the strips. Birds associate the negative reaction with the location and don't come back. he tape installs easily, mounts almost anywhere and is weatherproof for dependable outdoor usage.
  • Conductive tape keeps birds from landing on ledges, pipes, signs, etc.
  • Easy to apply. Peel, stick and use a roller to secure. 
  • Watertight and weatherproof. Best applied in temperatures above 40o F.
  • Adhesive backing sticks to most surfaces. Tape is clear after backing's removed.
  • For porous surfaces use an adhesive spray or Loctite Power Grab to secure. For wood surfaces, staples can be used on the grounded edge, not on the leads.
  • Shock Tape can be used in many creative ways to make physical bird barriers. Adhere it to PVC pipe to make long electrical perches in trees and to protect fruit like grapes and berries.
  • The Shock tape kit is powered with the included solar charger.
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Shock Tape Specifications
Dimensions 8" x 3" x 8"
Shipping Weight (Ships from NJ) 2 lbs.
Sizes 20' roll of shock tape
Power Solar
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