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Electronic Animal RepellersAnimal Control Products
Investing in animal control products is a wise choice for many reasons. You can minimize damage to valuable property and eliminate risks to your health by the proper implementation of animal control products. Are you dealing with animal encroachment or pest infestation issues? It could be that you are noticing all the tell tale signs of an animal or pest problem; damage to fences, walls and roofs that serve as an entrance for pests and animals, droppings, food and crop consumption that is unexplainable or even injuries to livestock and pets. The situation may seem daunting now, but with the right animal control products the problem can be eliminated.

Every day that an animal or pest control situation is allowed to go uncontrolled is a day you risk losing money and potential health problems. It is crucial that you get your animal repellent products installed as soon as possible. Many pests and wild animals carry diseases that can trasnser from animal to human under certain circumstances. If they have invaded your living spaces, you are at risk! Even more likely, valuable livestock and beloved pets might attract this diseases and suffer the consequences. If you are in urgent need of a pest control system that really works but is safe and responsible, try our line of humane pest control products.

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Electronic Animal Control Devices Bat Control
Electronic Animal Repellers Bat Deterrents
Electronic animal control devices use ultrasonic frequencies to bother and irritate pest animals, within range of the animal deterrent, causing them to leave for more peaceful surroundings. Bats are an important part of the eco-system but are a major nuisance if they get in your home or business. We offer several methods for repelling bats with electronic devices or physical bat barriers.
Bird Netting Insect Control Products including Bed Bugs
Rodent Control Insect, Bug and Pest Control
Rodent control products featuring ultrasonic devices or rodent sent deterrents to repel mice and rats from home or business, inside and out. Rodent products are a safe and effective alternative to deadly mousetraps and poisons! Keep unwanted pests and bugs away without spraying harmful insecticides or using messy insect traps to rid pest bugs. Our insect repellents are safe and harmless to people, pets and the environment.

Humane Pest Control Products
BirdStoppers offers several pest control solutions for repelling animals, rodents and insects that don't involve inhumane traps, poisons or messy chemicals.  All of our animal control products and rodent repellents are safe, humane and environmentally friendly. We've found that many of our bird control products have proven to be effective as animal control products, as well.  Whether you select an electronic animal repeller, physical animal barrier, taste, or scent aversion, all of our rodent and animal control products are effective and easy to install . Some of our pest control products are designed exclusively for insect and bug control. Keep unwanted pests out of your home or business with a variety of safe and effective pest control products!

Ultrasonic Pest Control for a Subtle yet Effective Approach
One of the most ideal pest control devices, ultrasonic pest control can safely convince small animals and birds to go elsewhere. This amazing type of ultrasonic animal control product works by emitting a sound that only animals can hear. The sound emitted by ultrasonic pest control devices is highly unsettling to many creatures, causing them to flee your premises. This is one of the most eco-friendly and humane pest control products on the market.
So, do not delay. You can remove and deter those unwanted pests and potentially dangerous animals easily and quickly with our powerful line of animal control products. Powerful pest control products do not have to be toxic and harmful to the environment. Build your animal deterrent system today incorporating these impressive pest control products.
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