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Bird ControlPest birds can become more than just a nuisance, if left unattended for too long. A few pesky birds can quickly turn into a full blown bird infestation. This can lead to a myriad of problems for a home, property or business owner. Some of the more serious problems associated with birds are health risks, property damage and costly maintenance and repair. This is why bird control is so important! 

Bird control means having preventative measures and a plan in place to prevent a serious bird infestation. Effective bird control can be achieved with bird control products that are designed to deter birds away from landing, roosting and nesting. Secondly, they modify the behavior of birds by making their favorite landing or roosting spot as undesirable as possible without causing them harm. Typically, the most successful bird control plan involves using a combination or "synergy" of products. This combined multi-sensory attack is extremely effective at getting rid of birds permanently. Below we provide a list of reasons why bird control is important and should be a high priority!

Destruction to Structures and Property

Bird droppings can erode paint, concrete and metal and cause expensive damage to buildings, roofs, siding, walkways, monuments, driveways and other structures. Rain causes bird droppings to transform into salt and ammonia which can quickly eat away at metal by accelerating the rusting process. Damage and defacement to buildings and property can potentially be irreversible, if left unattended for too long, and ultimately even create structural collapse.

Damage to Equipment

Bird droppings and nest materials can be a real threat to equipment. For buildings, HVAC units and ventilation systems can be clogged with bird nesting creating a potential fire hazard. What's worse is that droppings can be sucked in through ventilation systems causing interior problems and potential health risks. Corrosive bird droppings can damage machinery, as well as, make it inoperable in some cases. Bird droppings are notorious for ruining the paint on vehicles.

Damage to Products & Inventory

Birds love flying in through large open doors and finding a nice dry place to roost and potentially create nests. Warehouses, manufacturing facilities, industrial plants and food production plants are all ideal targets for bird problems. Typically, loading dock doors are left open leaving easy access for birds to enter. These types of buildings usually have very high ceilings making it very easy for birds to go undetected for a considerable amount of time. During this period, bird droppings may be damaging products, inventory and possibly infiltrating and contaminating production lines. This is the worst case scenario for food production facilities where contaminated food products could lead to Salmonella poisoning during public consumption.

Damage to Cash Crops and Fruit Trees

Birds get hungry like everybody else. There is no easier food source for a bird than a farmer's crops, a vineyard or an orchard.  Bird control in these situations can be extremely difficult because of the wide open area and amount of acreage to protect. The old "Scarecrow" mannequin isn't cutting it anymore as a bird scare tactic. Bird control products like bird netting and bird hazers, as well as, taste aversion products like Bird Stop have proven to be effective. Good bird control practices can be a matter of life or death for a crop owner! 

Spread of Disease

One of the most important of all reasons to maintain proper and effective bird control practices is to prevent the potential health risks attributed to bird droppings. Bird droppings can contaminate food sources causing Salmonella and other bacterial infections in humans. Dried bird droppings contain a fungus that creates an airborne spore that can be inhaled when the droppings are disturbed or handled. Inhalation of these spores can lead to potentially fatal respiratory diseases like Histoplasmosis. Read more about Pest Bird Diseases.

Costly Repair and Maintenance Clean-up costs

Birds can put a big dent in your pocketbook and completely over inflate a budget. Bird problems and the damage they can cause to property and equipment can cost a company thousands of dollars. These types of expenses are not typically accounted for in the annual budget. Planning ahead by installing bird control products and budgeting for routine maintenance expenses for inspection and clean-up can save potentially thousands, if not millions of dollars, down the road. Ben Franklin once said, "By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail!"

Worker Productivity

In addition to the exorbitant expenses that bird damage can cause, a lot of productive worker time can be wasted, as well. Maintenance crews can spend many hours cleaning up bird messes, where their time could be utilized more effectively on other things. Bird droppings that have infected facilities can lead to a temporary or complete plant shut down. Employees should not be exposed to areas with excessive bird droppings due to the potential health risks. In this event, the amount of man hours and productivity lost will be unrecoverable. 

Public Health Fines

Health Inspectors routinely inspect facilities like restaurants, hotels and food production plants to make sure everything is up to code. Part of this inspection protocol includes cleanliness and pest control. Rats, mice, cockroaches and other critters are typically the culprits that can lead to violations, fines and potential temporary shut-down of a facility. If found, bird droppings can result in the same outcome.

Bad Reputation

Restaurants and store owners that leave bird problems go unattended risk putting their reputation at stake. Patrons who frequent establishments are unlikely to come back to a store or restaurant that has unsightly bird droppings in plain sight. This leaves a poor perception with clients and creates negative associations with your business. Bird droppings can cause health issues for workers, staff and patrons. In addition, complaints filed by customers may lead to potential fines or closure. With the speed of today's social communication and sites that specialize in reviewing restaurants and stores, a business can lose its reputation in a matter or mere minutes!

Liability Concerns

Store and property owners have to be concerned with unresolved bird control issues potentially leading to liability concerns and legal action. Bird droppings on walkways can be a serious accident waiting to happen. Droppings are slippery and could cause someone to fall and get hurt. Eliminate these potential risks by installing effective bird control products and conducting routine maintenance facility checks before disaster strikes!

Bird Safety

Another important reason why bird control is important is for the safety of birds. Many people only consider the birds as the problem, but disregard their safety. Birds can get stuck in moving machinery, airplane engines, HVAC fan units and more that can result in their death. Birds have been blamed for "bird strikes" at airports since humans first started sharing their airspace. Keeping them away from air fields and runways should be the first priority to protect them as much as humans.

Fire Hazard

Most people probably wouldn't think of birds being a potential fire hazard. Birds are not a fire hazard in fact, but their nests can be. Birds that create nests in dryer vents, HVAC units, chimneys, etc. can result in a fire. Old nests left to dry out can quickly start fire just like kindling used to start a campfire. Routine maintenance checks and removal of old nests can help prevent a potential fire hazard.
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