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Here we have listed our most common questions received from our customers. If you can't find your answer here, please feel free to contact us at 1-866-411-6287. We'd like to discuss your bird or pest problems with you in detail because we realize that every situation is different. 

Our Frequently Asked Questions are categorized by Bird Control Products, Product Support, Orders and Fulfillment and Product Safety.

Bird Control Product Recommendations

Bird Control Product Recommendations

What bird control products work best for residential use to get rid of birds?

Visual scare devices, like Terror Eyes and Irri-Tape flashing tape, are effective bird deterrents, economical and easy to install. Balcony Gard is good for small areas, like patios and decks, to repel birds. Our BirdXPeller Pro has species-specific, programmable settings with real bird distress calls that can provide bird repellent coverage up to one acre. For further information review our Residential Bird Control page.

Which bird control products are most effective in semi-enclosed spaces like warehouses, loading docks, garages and factories?

The most important step for effective bird control is to keep loading dock and garage doors closed as much as possible. Open doors are an open invitation to birds. Our Bird SpikesShock Tape and Bird Gel products are all effective at keeping birds from roosting on rafters, sills and beams. Our QuadBlaster QB4 works well at protecting indoor areas by using ultrasonic (silent) sounds to repel birds. For even better results, try adding a visual effect with the red flashing strobe light on the Super QuadBlaster Pro. For more product recommendations and bird control solutions, visit our Warehouse & Facilities Bird Control page.

Which bird control products are best suited for outdoor areas around building rooftops, parking lots, wide open spaces like farmer's fields, etc.?

Repelling birds from outdoor spaces is more complicated than keeping them out of indoor spaces. The most crucial first steps are to remove any food sources, open trash receptacles and bird nests. Best results for outdoor bird control are achieved by using a combination or "synergy" of bird control products. The most effective bird control product for outdoor buildings, rooftops, lots, etc. is our Broadband Pro unit which utilizes a combination of sonic sounds and ultrasonic wave sounds to repel birds. Our Super BirdXPeller Pro works well to electronically repel birds for large outdoor areas, too. For large wide open areas like fields, orchards and vineyards try our Bird Contol Hazers to keep birds away from eating and landing. Add in visual scare devices like the Bird Bopper or Bird Deflector for improved results. 
Our Bird SpikesShock Tape and Bird Gel products are good products to keep birds from roosting on window ledges, rooftops and beams. For additional product recommendations and bird control strategies, please visit our Outdoor Bird Control page.

Which bird products do you recommend where discretion and silence is most important to repel birds?

Ultrasonic bird repellers that use ultrasonic waves instead of sonic sounds are most appealing to use in areas where customers or workers are present on a constant basis. QuadBlaster QB4 and the Broadband Pro are our two best selling ultrasonic bird repellers. Our Tweetzilla Bird Hazer can be used discreetly in public areas, like around pools and outdoor beer gardens, to repel birds seeking dropped food. Roost inhibitor bird control products like Shock Tape can keep birds from landing on signs, sills, ledges, etc. They are practically unnoticeable to patrons. Bird Deflector works great at repelling birds during daylight hours by using the sun's reflection to scare birds off. Bird Stop taste aversion can be sprayed around grass, flowerbeds and ornamental plants to keep birds away. 

Do you have an products for geese control?

Our Bird Hazer units work great at repelling Geese.  GooseBuster electronic Canada goose repeller was made specifically for repelling geese and ducks. Bird Stop is a taste aversion product that can be sprayed on grass to deter geese from feeding. Visual scare devices like Coyote Decoy and Gator Guard are also effective. Review our Bird Identity page for more in depth information on Geese.

Do you have products to repel bats?

The QuadBlaster QB4 and Transonic Pro are effective at getting rid of bats and other animals. 

Seagulls are disturbing our guests around the pool. What can we do?

Try installing the Bird Deflector scare device to repel them away and combine it with a Tweetzilla Bird Hazer which provides discreet and silent bird control protection. Review our Bird Identity page for more in depth information on Seagulls.

How do I control a pigeon problem?

Bird Spikes or Shock Tape are effective to keep pigeons off of landing areas. Flock Off UV reflective paint is effective on ledges and window sills to repel pigeons. Bird netting creates a protective barrier around roofing equipment like HVAC equipment. Electronic bird devices like BirdXPeller Pro and the Super QuadBlaster Pro can keep pigeons out of garages, and other semi-enclosed spaces. Review our Bird Identity page for more in depth information on Pigeons.

Woodpeckers are damaging my property. What products can I use to get rid of Woodpeckers?

Try using the WoodPecker Pro electronic woodpecker repeller in combination with a visual scare device like the Bird Bopper or Irri-TapeReview our Bird Identity page for more in depth information on Woodpeckers.

Which products work best to keep crows away?

Try using the Super BirdXPeller Pro electronic bird repeller in combination with a visual scare device like the Bird Bopper or Irri-Tape. The Tweetzilla Bird Hazer works well to repel crows in wide open areas. Review our Bird Identity page for more in depth information on Crows.

Which products work best to repel rats and mice?

The Transonic Pro can be used to keep mice away from indoor areas.

Do you have any products to detect bed bugs?

Our Bed Bug monitor alerts can detect the early signs of bedbugs before they become a big problem. Bed bug monitors can be used discreetly under bedding, mattresses, couch cushions, etc. to detect and trap bed bugs. Read more information on Bed Bugs.

Do you have any products to repel deer?

Deer Gard is an ultrasonic deer repeller for backyards and to keep other animals away, as well.

Product Support Questions

Product Support Questions

Is there a warranty on your bird control products?

Only electronic devices are covered under the manufacturer's warranty, against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 6 months from the original shipping date. At our discretion, BirdStoppers will either replace or repair the defective unit.

Is there a performance guarantee on your bird control products?

If a customer is not satisfied with the performance of an electronic unit, within 30 days from the shipping date, it may be returned at the customer's expense, for credit (less shipping, handling and a 10% restocking fee). Written authorization and a returned goods authorization (RGA) number must first be obtained from BirdStoppers. Non-electronic devices may be returned only if new and unused and will be subject to a 10% restocking fee.

Do you offer 220v or 240v power options for international countries?

Yes. On all of our product pages for electronic devices we list 220v as a selectable option. If you require 240v power for your electronic device, please contact us directly to place your order.

Where should I install my bird control product?

Primarily, the best place to install your bird control product is in the vicinity of where the birds are.  Electronic sound repellers should try to be located at the level of the birds with the speakers facing the direction they come in from. A visual scare device needs to be installed in close proximity to the birds so they can see it.  Spikes and bird gels should be placed on all potential landing spots you're trying to keep birds from roosting on.  Bird Hazers should be located in the general central location where birds are visible. Please read the detailed instruction manual on the product you've selected or call us at 1-866-411-6287 for installation assistance.

Do you have any marketing materials or how to videos on your products?

Yes. Under our Resources menu we have pages that include a comprehensive list of instruction manuals, material safety data sheets, product brochures and product demo videos. I purchased a bird control product.  Why are the birds still present?

First, it's important to realize that no single bird control device works immediately. It can take time for any bird product to begin to show results. Birds eventually will get used to things that don't move and sounds that never change pattern or frequency. Visual scare devices that are static should be moved around to different locations frequently. Visual scares that move around and make noise should be fine as long as they are close in proximity to the pest birds. Electronic sound repellers need to be installed at the level of the birds. Also, our electronic devices are programmable so that the pitch, sounds, and frequency can be adjusted and varied to run at different times of the day. Changing the sound patterns and frequency levels are key for effective bird removal. We recommend combining sound repellers with visual scare devices to add another element of bird control.

Throughout your site you recommend using bird control products in "synergy".  What does that mean?

Synergy means to combine two devices together in to one cohesive experience. its the creation of a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. In relation to bird control products, this means using more than one method of bird control to effectively repel birds. For instance, we have found that using an electronic sound repeller in combination with a visual scare device is more effective at repelling birds than either product used exclusively by itself. Multiple products attack more than one level of a bird's senses. In our example of combining a sound repeller with a visual scare, birds will find the area unpleasant because the products are affecting them audibly and visually. Each product helps and supports the effects of the other, resulting in greater success. Birds are smart and stubborn. It doesn't take them long to become acclimated to an area, if food sources and water are readily available. Our bird control products are designed to modify their behavior and make their favorite landing, roosting and nesting areas undesirable.
Orders & Fulfillment

Orders & Fulfillment

Do you offer quantity discounts?

In most cases if we offer quantity discounts on a product, the price is listed on the product page. If you have a large scale project that will require multiple units, please contact us for a quote at 1-866-411-6287.

What payment method can I use?

We accept all major credit cards including: Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. We also accept PayPal payments. Payments may also be made by corporate check in advance. If you are seeking credit terms, we offer net 30 days on all purchase orders with an approved credit application.

Will there be any additional charges on my order?

Shipping charges and applicable sales tax (IL customers only) will be added to your order once you have entered your billing and shipping information. You will have the option to review all final charges before submitting your order. In some cases, if the total weight of your order exceeds 150 pounds, the shipping charges will calculate $0.00. This means your order is too heavy to ship via a Ground carrier and will be more economical to ship via a freight carrier.  Please submit your order and we will contact you with a freight quote.

Can I use my own UPS or FedEX Ground account number to pay for shipping?

Yes you can. Please enter your account number in the appropriate field on the shipping information page. Standard shipping charges will still be calculated on your order. We will remove these charges once your order is submitted and your account number is validated.  Please be sure to include the billing address for your shipping account number.

How long does it take to ship my order?

Most products typically leave our warehouse in 2-3 business days. Our products ship from Chicago, IL. Standard delivery times to the East Coast are 3 business days. Standard delivery times to the West Coast are 4-5 business days. Please allow adequate time before inquiring about your order.

Where does my product ship from and what carrier is used?

All of our bird control products ship from Chicago, IL, USA. Our preferred carrier is Federal Express Ground delivery.  We can use UPS, as well.

I lost my order number.  How can I get a copy of my sales receipt?

You can use your customer login to review all previous orders. You may also send us an email to request a copy of your sales receipt: sales@deanlloyd02.com.

I never received a tracking number for my package. How can I track my order?

When we receive the tracking number on your order, we update that information on our site. The status of your order will change from "In Progress" to "Completed". You can click on the tracking number and go directly to that carrier's site to see the status of your order. If the status of your order still shows "In Progress", that means your order has not yet shipped or we have not been updated yet with the tracking number. On occasion a product may be backordered or out of stock. In this event, we will notify you by email with an estimated delivery date. The only customers that we email tracking numbers to are those that place offline orders by phone.

Can I use my own UPS or FedEX Ground account number to pay for shipping?

Yes you can. Please enter your account number in the appropriate field on the shipping information page. Standard shipping charges will still be calculated on your order. We will remove these charges once your order is submitted and your account number is validated.  Please be sure to include the billing address for your shipping account number.

Can I request express shipping on my order?

Yes, you can select that method on the Shipping methods section of the Order Form. However, that does not mean the product will ship the same day. If you require express delivery, it is best to contact us directly before placing your order to check on product availability and get an accurate shipping quote.

Do you ship your products to other countries?

Yes, we can ship our products internationally to most countries. Please email us for a quote and provide your full shipping address. We will send you a formal quote including shipping charges. Please note we can only accept credit cards for payment that are issued by banks in the USA. 

I live in Alaska or Hawaii and shipping was not calculated on my order?

Shipping can only be calculated by our online shipping calculator for orders shipping to the 48 contiguous states. Please call or email us to receive a shipping quote to Alaska or Hawaii.

Do you offer free shipping?

We do not offer free shipping as some other sites do. Please be aware that free shipping offers are typically not free. Shipping costs are averaged into the price of the products. We do our best to keep our bird control product's prices competitive and as low as possible. We never inflate shipping charges either. Our shipping charges are calculated using the UPS online shipping calculator which uses the weight of the order, the shipping origination and destination zip codes to calculate shipping charges.

Can I buy the product I want in a local retail store?

No. All of our products are sold exclusively online. We do not have a bricks and mortar outlet.

I have a very large area with bird problems. I don't know which products to use?

We recommend contacting us directly and speaking with a bird control professional before ordering any products online. In some cases, we may ask for architectural drawings or diagrams of a building or area to help us assist you with your bird control problem. We will work with you to put together a comprehensive bird control solution.

Product and Environmental Safety

Product and Environmental Safety

Do your bird and pest control products hurt birds or animals?

No. All of our products cause no harm to birds or animals. Our products are designed with animal and bird safety in mind. Our products make birds or pests uncomfortable and annoyed. The goal is to make them find the area undesirable. Humane societies, non-profits and animal rights groups like our policy of providing non-lethal, non-harmful, environmentally safe and ecologically sound products. Non-lethal deterrents are also most effective, as lethal methods don't make the environment unappealing for future birds.

Are your ultrasonic repellers safe to use around pregnant woman and people with pacemakers?

Yes they are safe to use. 

What are your standards for Quality Control, Customer Service and Electrical Safety and Distribution?

We are members of the Better Business Bureau with an A+ Rating. With over 15 years' experience as on online retailer of bird control products, we pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service and offering our customers bird control solutions that work. Regarding our products, most of the power sources for our electronic products are ETL and/or UL/CUL listed. This designation indicates that products are manufactured in a controlled environment, with registered facilities as well as registered products.  Most of our electronic products are CE-marked for distribution throughout the European Union.

Are ultrasonic and laser repellers a safety concern for humans and pets?

It's wise to be cautious with any sound or light in our environment (i.e. avoid loud rock concerts; avoid staring directly at the sun). Ultrasonic and laser repellers are not dangerous when used as directed. Ultrasonic repellers can be loud, while registering above human hearing range. Laser repellers are fully-registered and consumer safe, though they are still lasers. We recommend both only at high ceiling levels, not near people or pets for long periods of time. 

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