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Birdstoppers is proud to be an Authorized Distributor for a diverse group of manufacturers that provide bird and pest control products for residential and commercial applications. Our manufacturers work hard to bring new products to the marketplace, as well as existing products, that use safe and humane methods to repel birds and other unwanted pests. At BirdStoppers, we follow our manufacturer's philosophy that all birds, animals and other pests can be safely removed without the need for deadly traps, poisonous chemicals or environmentally harmful insecticides. 

Below is a brief description of each of our current manufacturers and their product line. If there is a product you see that you can't find on our site, please feel free to request more information from us directly at 1-866-411-6287 or email us at sales@deanlloyd02.com.
About Bird-X, Inc.

About Bird-X, Inc.

Bird-X is the leading brand of humane pest and bird control solutions worldwide, protecting human health, wildlife and the environment. Established in 1964, the Chicago based company manufactures a complete line of unique pest control products with an unmatched focus on quality, efficacy and customer service. We maintain an exceptionally strong commitment to new product development – putting the latest scientific discoveries, decades of innovative thinking, patented designs and state-of-the-art technology into each of our bird control products.

After years of research and testing, we know that pest birds and other animals can be conditioned – using their most basic fears and survival instincts – to stay away from areas where a threat is perceived. Many of our solutions mimic that threat, while others create a physical barrier or an unfit habitat. From electronic devices, ultrasonic technology, bird spikes and netting, to organic compounds, visual scares and more each product repels pests naturally, providing long-term results. Our products not only prevent pest infestation, property damage, the spread of disease, and workplace liability they also eliminate the need for chemical pesticides, poisons & dangerous traps. Bird-X solutions are currently reducing costs amd protecting homes, businesses, universities, sports complexes and government facilities in over 150 countries across the globe. 

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About Make-Em-Move Manufacturing (Flock Free)

About Make-Em-Move Manufacturing (Flock Free)

Located in Lakewood, NJ, Flock Free is a family-owned and operated business dedicated to the safe removal of birds from your property. Flock Free has developed a systematic approach to deterring birds from commercial properties using traditional methods in conjunction with unique products and practices. We have experimented with every bird remediation tool on the market thus we can speak from experience as to which methods of bird control work and those which are not cost effective. 

At Flock Free we believe that educating customers and providing realistic expectations is paramount. When we are unable to achieve desired results using established products we develop alternative, humane ways to solve our customer’s bird issues. This quest for perfection is what lead Tom and Paul to design, manufacture and patent their own bird hazers. After creating a multitude of innovative bird and rodent control products they developed a manufacturing division, Make Em Move Manufacturing, LLC. All products manufactured by Make Em Move are green, effective and forward thinking.

We believe managing both the manufacturing component of Make Em Move along with the service entity of Flock Free sets us apart from other bird control professionals. Our familiarity and faith in our products coupled with reliable and experienced service technicians allows us to offer our customers a truly unique experience rarely seen in the pest control industry.  

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