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Quad Blaster
Only $543.60
Blast birds out with ultrasonic sounds that humans can't hear.
For enclosed or semi-enclosed areas

Ultrason X
Only $614.55
The first-ever ultrasonic bird repellent for EXTERIOR USE!
Portable Moby Hazer
Only $3,500.00
Automated Portable Bird Hazer Repels Small Birds from Multiple Locations
Broadband PRO
Only $693.00
Get rid of the most stubborn bird infestations!
BirdXPeller Pro
Only $269.00
On SALE for only $252.65
Programmable "species-specific" bird repeller


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Tired of nuisance birds and animals damaging your property, causing unsightly messes and being a financial burden?
Repelling pest birds can be difficult, time consuming and very expensive! The traditional methods for repelling nuisance birds, like the scarecrow, don't get the job done in todays suburban and urban areas. Fortunately, BirdStoppers is dedicated to helping you control your bird problems! Our 40 years of experience in bird repellent research have resulted in the best collection of safe, effective and harmless bird control products.

Through years of experience and customer trial, we've learned that a
ll bird control methods prove most effective when a combination of different bird control products are used. BirdStoppers offers the widest selection of these quality products anywhere, including sonic and ultrasonic sound repellers, roost inhibitors, taste aversions and visual scare devices.

BirdStopper's products repel pest birds and animals.
BirdStoppers is continually striving to bring the newest and most effective bird control products to our customers. We have recently added several new bird control products that are based on the latest science and technology for repelling birds. These new bird control products were unveiled for the first time at the Illinois IAPD/IPRA "Soaring to New Heights" Conference in Chicago. IAPD/IPRA members will receive a special discount on these new products. Click on the New Products button below to see all the new and exciting bird control products we now offer!

Ultrasonic Bird Repellers uses sounds that humans can't hear.
Ultrasonic Bird Repellers
Devices scare pest birds away using natural predatory sounds that only birds can hear. Click on the image to view available devices.

BirdStopper's products repel nuisance birds and animals.
BirdStoppers products effectively repels pigeons, sparrows, starlings, ravens, gulls, blackbirds, geese and more..........
Sonic Bird Repellers use natural predator sounds. Sonic Bird Repellers
Programmable devices use natural sounds to chase away birds, but it doesn't harm them. Click on the image to view available devices.
Visual Scare Devices and deterrents. Visual Scare Devices
Time-tested devices that change and alter the natural surroundings birds are use to. Click on the image to view available scare devices.
Taste Aversion Products make bird feeding areas unpalatable.
Taste Aversions
Food-grade products repel geese and other birds by rendering there feeding areas unpalatable. Click on the image to view available products.
Roost Inhibitors prevent birds from landing in favorite areas. Roost Inhibitors
Use traditional barriers such as bird netting and bird spikes to prevent birds from roosting or nesting in convenient areas. Click on the image.
Animal Repellents Animal Repellents
Products designed to repel nuisance pests like dogs, cats, moles, deers, skunks, rabbits, squirrels, woodchucks and other small animals. Click on the image to view a list of products.

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    • If you need help identifying the type of bird first, select by PESTBIRD to review our bird identification database.
    • To compare all available products within a product category, select by DEVICE.
    • If you know the type of bird your dealing with, select by APPLICATION to identify which products have been proven most effective against specific birds.
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    • Review our "Bird Control Tips" page to learn effective bird control methods and management.
    • We have an entire section devoted to helping you "Identify Your Pest Bird" and learn interesting characteristics about that particular species.
    • Understand why it important to remove nuisance birds because of the "Diseases Birds Cause".
    • Review our blog called "Bird Beat" frequently for new and interesting information that relates to our products and birds in general.
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