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Please browse our complete line of bird control and pest animal repellent products below. Click on the product image or title for more information on that item. You may quickly add an item to your cart by clicking the "Add to Cart" button.  Your item will be displayed in the Shopping Cart window. Please note that there are mulitple product pages. The links to the next and previous product pages are at the bottom of the table.

We offer many different ways to search and review products on our site.  If you are experiencing any difficulties at all or just need assistance, please feel free to give us a call and allow one of our Bird Control Professionals to assist you. Toll free: 1-866-411-6287, Ext. 2

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Balcony GardBalcony GardSilent, electronic bird control device gets rid of pesty birds in small areas like on patios and balconies.
Bed Bug AlertBed Bug AlertBed Bug Alert Monitors lure bed bugs into the monitor and traps them.
Bird BopperBird BopperVisual bird scare, heavy-duty vinyl balloon whips around in the wind scaring off pest birds.
Bird DeflectorBird DeflectorWind driven, visual deterrent disorients birds as it reflects sunlight at multiple angles while it spins.
Bird Netting - Standard MeshBird Netting - Standard MeshStandard Mesh, 3/4" bird netting is perfect to protect areas around the home or garden from birds.
Bird Netting StructuralBird Netting StructuralHeavy-duty BirdNet for protecting structures, vineyards, crops, etc. from nuisance birds and bats.
Bird Spikes AdhesiveBird Spikes AdhesiveSpecial adhesive makes installation of plastic or steel Bird Spikes easier and affixes them in place.
Bird StopBird StopLiquid bird repellent has a taste and smell that birds can't stand. Protect crops and food sources.
BirdNet Mounting ClipsBirdNet Mounting ClipsUse Mounting Clips with all Bird Netting products.  250 clips per package.
BirdNet PremiumBirdNet Premium3/4" Premium grade netting is a permanent physical barrier solution for large commercial projects.
BirdXPeller ProBirdXPeller ProSonic bird repeller emits real bird distress calls and predator sounds to scare away birds for up to 1 acre.
Broadband ProBroadband ProOffers both sonic sounds and ultrasonic pulses to evict pest birds. 3 acre coverage.
Coyote DecoyCoyote DecoyRealistic life-size predator decoy scares away geese, birds and other small pests.
Critter Blaster ProCritter Blaster ProSonic animal and bird repeller uses digital harrassment sounds to get rid of pests. 6 acre coverage.
Deer GardDeer GardMotion-activated, deer repeller uses ultrasonic waves to keep deer off your property.
Eco Bird 4.0  Bird RepellentEco Bird 4.0 Bird RepellentFogging agent for all bird hazers. Creates a scent in the air that flying birds avoid!
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