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BirdStoppers offers a unique way to search for bird control and pest control products by the industry you work in. Some industries have bird problems that are unique to their particular business. We have tried to categorize the most common industries below including residential. If you don't see your particular industry listed, please consider which category is most closely associated with your line of work. On each Bird Control by Industry page we offer several tips and strategies for effective bird control practices, as well as, recommended bird control products and solutions.

Please keep in mind, that a "synergy" or combination of bird deterrent products or animal repellers typically provides the most success at repelling birds and animals away. If you need assistance determining which bird control product will work best for your bird or pest problem, please call 1-866-411-6287 and speak with one of our friendly bird experts. You can also email us at sales@deanlloyd02.com for bird control solutions.
Industry Categories

Industry Categories

Indoor Pest ControlIndoor Pest ControlGet rid of pest birds, animals, bats and rodents from indoor areas and buildings. Outdoor Pest Control Outdoor Pest Control Pest repellent products to protect outdoor areas, structures and properties. AgriculturalAgriculturalPrevent pest birds from ruining valuable crops, orchards and vineyards. Airport & HangarsAirport & HangarsRepel pest birds and protect airports and runways from dangerous bird strikes.
Golf CoursesGolf CoursesRepel geese and other pest birds away that can damage golf courses. Government Facilities/MilitaryGovernment Facilities/MilitaryBird control management and products for government agencies, facilities and military. Landfills & JunkyardsLandfills & JunkyardsKeep birds from scavenging and making messes at landfills and junkyards. Marinas, Docks & BoatsMarinas, Docks & BoatsKeep pest water birds away from boats, docks, marinas and water.
Office Buildings & GroundsOffice Buildings & GroundsProtect office buildings and grounds from pest geese and birds. Oil & Gas Rigs & RefineriesOil & Gas Rigs & RefineriesRepel nuisance birds from oil and gas fields and refineries. Park District & Rec FacilitiesPark District & Rec FacilitiesBird deterrent products for park district and recreational facilities. Parking Garage & LotsParking Garage & LotsKeep birds from making messes on vehicles in parking lots and garages.
Poultry FarmsPoultry FarmsKeep aquatic birds carrying bird flu away from poultry farms and keep chickens and turkeys safe. Property ManagementProperty ManagementKeep your apartment and condo buildings bird free and your tenants happy! ResidentialResidentialProtect your home and yard from pest birds and critters. Retail & Department StoresRetail & Department StoresBird proof your retail store from pest birds making messes.
Schools & HospitalsSchools & HospitalsMaintain the appearance of your hospital or school building by repelling birds. Service & Hospitality IndustryService & Hospitality IndustryRepel birds, not patrons, from your restaurant or hotel establishment. Signs & BillboardsSigns & BillboardsProtect signs and billboards from damage caused by roosting birds. Sports Fields & StadiumsSports Fields & StadiumsKeep outdoor sports stadiums, fields and arenas free of pest birds.
Warehouse & Plant FacilitiesWarehouse & Plant FacilitiesKeep warehouse, distribution and manufacturing facilities a bird free zone.
Contact a Bird Control Expert at 1-866-411-6287 Today!

Contact a Bird Control Expert at 1-866-411-6287 Today!

Dealing with bird control and pest control problems, can be a daunting task and seem overwhelming in some cases. That's why it is important to rely on bird control experts, like BirdStoppers. We work with pest control professionals all over the country that have many years of experience ridding homes and businesses from pest birds and pest animals. BirdStoppers can help you establish and implement a complete and successful bird control management program. In order for a bird control solution to be successful, not only must it remedy the current problem, but also prevent birds or animals from returning again.

Every bird problem and animal problem is unique and requires a different strategy. That's why we will take the time to determine the appropriate bird control products to use based on the type of pest bird or animal, where the problem is on your property and whether birds have already created nests. 

Through years of experience, we have determined that a synergy or combination of bird deterrent products or animal repellers typically is the most successful solution for repelling birds and animals. For bird control solutions, we often recommend using companion products by combining electronic sonic repeller devices with visual scare deterrents, physical bird barriers or scent and taste aversion products. This kind of multi-sensory attack is extremely effective in deterring pest birds from an area permanently. For assistance determining which pest control product would work best for your application, please call 1-866-411-6287 and speak with one of our friendly bird experts. You can also email us at deanlloyd02@fusemail.net. We also work with a national chain of authorized installers that may be able to assist with installation of some of our bird control products.

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