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Bird Hazers use Fog Force Bird RepellentBird Hazers

Chances are you are in serious need of a bird repellent hazer; well, you have come to the right place. We carry bird hazers and all the bird hazer accessories you will need to safely repel unwanted birds in flight on or above your premises. Maybe the rooftop of your building is beset by a large population of birds. This flock is leaving a large coating of their waste not only on the roof but on much of the ground below, not to mention on the unlucky pedestrian traffic. It’s a mess, it’s a health hazard, and it’s an eyesore! However, birds are no match for a bird repellent hazer which can blanket the area with an invisible mist that while not harmful to birds is incredibly unpleasant to them. The beauty of the bird repellent hazer system is that over time it can teach a population of birds to associate your location with that unpleasant experience and never return!

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Shop Bird Hazer Products Below >>

Shop Bird Hazer Products Below >>

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Hazer Unit CoversHazer Unit CoversHazer Covers are custom fit to protect hazers from weather and provide discretion while in operation. 
Eco Bird 4.0  Bird RepellentEco Bird 4.0 Bird RepellentFogging agent for all bird hazers. Creates a scent in the air that flying birds avoid!
Mini Solar HazerMini Solar Hazer

The Mini Solar Hazer dispenses an invisible haze to irritate birds that is ideal for outdoor remote locations.

Portable Moby Bird HazerPortable Moby Bird HazerPortable and sleek bird hazer is ideal for chasing geese and other birds away from any location!
Tweetzilla Bird Control HazerTweetzilla Bird Control HazerBird haze generator is ideal for bird dispersal in populated areas for indoor and outdoor use!
Bird Hazers provide a unique solution to bird control in open-air environments and large areas. All Bird Hazer units turn Eco Birda liquid bird repellent, into an invisible, lighter than air haze that rises up to meet birds in flight. Fog Force has a pleasant grape smell to humans, however, when inhaled by birds, the scent irritates the bird receptors associated with taste and smell. While not harmful, the active ingredient, MA, causes enough of an unpleasant reaction to make birds in flight want to leave the area. It only takes a small amount of MA to provoke a reaction in birds. Please note that MA only affects birds in flight. Bird repellent hazers are safe enough that the MA ingredient is considered perfectly safe as an agricultural bird control hazer. So if your corn field is threatened by costly and hard to deter birds, a bird hazer system will make a great investment. The bird repellent hazers use is even safe around livestock. These amazing bird control systems are adaptable to a wide range of applications. Bird Hazers can be powered by Solar Power for areas where it is difficult to get electrical power.

Bird Hazers also Known as Bird Foggers are an Integral Part of any Bird Control System
Regain control of your space. Save your premises and property from unwanted bird swarms with our very easy to use and safe bird control hazers. 

Our bird control hazers are designed using today's latest technology, are fully self-contained and safely repel birds of all sizes. Each open-air Bird Hazer was designed with a different bird control scenario in mind. Hazers are most effective when combined with other bird deterrents as part of complete bird control management program. Whether interior or exterior, BirdStoppers has a bird control solution for you. We back every bird hazer with a manufacturer's warranty!  Each Bird Hazer is ready to use and set-up is not complicated, but if you need professional installation we can assist you. Bird control help is only a phone call away!
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