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Bird Shock Device
Bird Shock Systems are a relatively new method for bird control. Bird shock products follow the same concept as electrifying fences to keep livestock in place and unwanted animals out. Bird shock devices keep birds out of areas you want to keep a bird-free zone by sending them a low-voltage static shock when they make contact with an electrified perch. The bird zap is weaker than human static shock, but it is strong enough to send the message not to land in this area again.

We offfer a variety of shock devices for just about any bird problem that requires a bird shock deterrent. Bird shock systems can be used to protect fruit bearing trees, I-Beams, ledges, canopies, pipes, pallets, and much more. All bird shock systems require a power source. We offer a standard 110V AC fence charger or a solar power charger, sold below.
Shop Bird Shock Devices Below >>

Shop Bird Shock Devices Below >>

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Bird Netting - Standard MeshBird Netting - Standard MeshStandard Mesh, 3/4" bird netting is perfect to protect areas around the home or garden from birds.
Shock TapeShock TapeAdhesive-backed conductive tape sends a low voltage zap to stop birds from perching on surfaces.
Shock Tape ChargerShock Tape Charger110V AC Power Charger for Shock Tape and other shock system products that repel birds.
Solar ChargerSolar ChargerSolar Charger fully charges in 8 hours of sunlight and provides power for all bird shock systems.
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