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Electronic Bird Repellers scare and confuse pest birds and teach birds and other animals to avoid the area of coverage. Electronic bird devices provide an affordable bird control solution, with minimal installation time, for small patios and balconies up to large expansive areas. All BirdStoppers' electronic bird deterrents feature sturdy weatherproof designs, are user-friendly and allow for custom programmable settings.

Electronic bird control devices are classified into five basic categories of bird control:

  1. Sonic Bird Control Devices - Emit digital recordings of bird "species-specific" sounds and threatening bird predator cries that frighten birds off.
  2. Ultrasonic Bird Repellers - Use high-frequency sound waves (silent to humans) to repel pest birds. Ultrasonic bird devices are desirable for applications that require discretion.
  3. Combination Bird Repellers – Bird devices use more than one bird deterrent technology to disturb, irritate and confuse pest birds. Some of our electronic bird repellers combine sonic sounds and ultrasonic waves or sound and visual to repel birds. Multi-function bird contol devices are extremely effective at attacking large bird infestations or multiple bird species problems.
  4. Visual Bird Repellers - Electronic visual bird devices repel pest birds by using visual deterrent methods to scare pest birds away.
  5. Motion-Activated Bird Repellers - Electronic bird control devices use motion-activated technology to frighten off nuisance birds and pest animals. Motion-activated bird devices are effective for repelling birds and small animals away from small coverage areas like backyards, patios and balconies.
Sonic Bird Control Devices Ultrasonic Bird Control Electronic Visual Bird Deterrents
Sonic Bird Repellers UltraSonic Bird Devices Visual Bird Repellers
Devices use real digital recorded bird sounds and predatory calls to scare away birds. Ultrasonic broadcasts are distracting and irritating to pest birds keeping them away. Visual Deterrent Devices use flashing lights to annoy and repel pest birds.
Multi-function Bird Repellers Motion-Activated Bird Repellers
Multi-function Bird Devices Motion-activated Bird Control
Bird control devices use a multi-sensory attack approach to deter pest birds. Bird repeller device is activated when birds enter the coverage zone and motion is detected.

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