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1 Gator Guard
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Gator Guard
Gator Guard Shimmering EyeGator Guard DecoyGator Guard Repels GeeseGator Guard lurking in a pond
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Gator Guard Visual Water Predator

Gator Guard Visual Scare Device is a "floating" alligator head replica that scares geese, ducks, fish eating birds and small animals away for good! Gator Guard is 25 threatening inches long, moves and bounces with the wind in the water while its life-like eyes flash in the light to add realism. Birds think they're being followed, so they can't acclimate to a fixed pattern. Effective even against birds that have never seen a gator, as this fear is instinctive not learned.
  • Inexpensive and effective bird deterrent.
  • Floating predator replica for water.
  • Heavy Duty urethane foam with UV coating to protect against fading.
  • Keep birds away from lakes, ponds, pools, & more!
  • Protects against fish loss and damage.
  • 3-Dimensional head is visible from all angles.
  • Life-like eyes sparkle in the sun and in artificial light.
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Gator Guard Effectively Repels: Use Gator Guard To Protect:
Ducks, Geese, Seagulls, Herons, Egrets, Bitterns, Coots, Cormorants and Shags Koi, Tilapia, Other Recreational Fish, Ponds, Golf Courses, Parks, Small Lakes, Pools, Water Gardens, Commercial Fish & Shrimp Farms, Homes, Large Estates, Condo Property Corporate, Hospitals, School Campuses, Boats, Harbors, Docks and Any Water Location
Gator Guard Specifications
Dimensions when folded 10” x 10”
Dimensions when set up 28” x 14”
Box dimensions (Ships from Chicago) 13" x 11" x 6" / Shipping weight: 3 lbs.
Material Made from durable coraplast
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