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1 Mega Blaster Pro
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Mega Blaster Pro
Mega Blaster Pro Controller and Speaker TowerMega Blaster Pro repelling birds at traffic control tower.MegaBlaster Pro Repelling birds at an airport.Mega Blaster Pro protecting a Landfill
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Mega Blaster PRO Super Sonic Bird Repeller
Our Loudest and Most Powerful Bird Repeller Ever! 

The Mega Blaster Pro Sonic Bird Repeller is the "Big Daddy" of sonic noise repellers! This bird control device is designed to be loud. REALLY LOUD! The Mega Blaster Pro can repel just about all birds from any location. This device is ideal for covering very large areas and for applications where loud sounds are not a distraction such as airport fields and runways, junkyards, landfills and waste treatment facilities.
  • Mega Blaster Pro covers up to 30 acres!
  • Prevent "bird strikes" on airfields and runways.
  • Uses intermittent distress calls to create a threatening environment for birds.
  • Powered by solar panel. 
  • Safe and humane bird control solution.
  • Loud audible noises scare away all birds of all sizes!
  • Two high-output amplifiers drive the 20' high speaker tower.
  • Customizable settings for sound, volume and frequency.
  • Four different configurations for common bird infestations.
  • Weather resistant housing to withstand the elements in outdoor use.
IMPORTANT This unit has potential sound output of 125 decibels. Hearing protection is strongly recommended in the vicinity of this product.

Kit includes: generating unit with two built-in high-output amplifiers, 20-speaker tower with audio cables, 40 watt solar panel, battery clips and all mounting hardware. (12 vDC battery not included)
Download InstructionsDownload Mega Blaster Pro Instruction Manual

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Mega Blaster Pro Specifications
Dimensions Control Unit 9” x 9” x 5.25”, Speakers 10” x 8” x 5”
Coverage Up to 30 acres from single unit
Box Dimensions (Ships from Chicago) 32" x 24" x 5" / Shipping weight: 17 lbs
Speakers 8 ohms, 30 watts
Power Input 12vDC (3 amps) via solar panel and battery (not included)
Sound Pressure up to 125 dB (Hearing protection recommended)
Frequency 2000–10,000 Hz
Compliance UL and CE listed
EPA Registration EPA 075310-OR-001
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