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Rodent Control
Controlling rodents in your home or business can be a very daunting, emotional and expensive proposition! Mouse control and rat control products have existed for decades. Mouse repellents using poison or deadly traps are common for isolated situations where only a few mice or rats exist. Rodent control methods vary widely when it comes to a full blown rodent infestation in your home or business. We offer several rodent control devices below including electronic ultrasonic rodent control repellers that repel rodents using ultrasonic frequencies which only rodents can hear. Ultrasonic rodent control is ideal in areas where discretion is important. Electronic rodent deterrents can also be used for preventative rodent control.

We offer some unique rat control products that are designed for preventative rodent control measures. Nature's Defense Rat Repellent is an organic granule rat repellent that can be sprinkled around homes and buildings to create a physical rodent barrier. This product also works well as a squirrel repellent. Sting Em' Rodent Gel is a contact irritant gel that can be used to prevent mice and rats from entering dwellings. The gel can be spread with a standard caulking gun and applied to ledges, windows and any potential entry point to prevent rodents from entering. Read more about rodent control below.

Shop all Rodent Control Products Below >>

Shop all Rodent Control Products Below >>

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Bird BlazerBird BlazerElectronic laser bird control device covers large indoor spaces while distracting and confusing pest birds, rodents and bats.
Indoor Bird LaserIndoor Bird LaserIndoor bird laser uses laser beams to repel birds and other creatures from indoor areas and enclosed spaces.
Nature's Defense - Rat RepellentNature's Defense - Rat RepellentMouse and rat repellent granules provide a scent and taste aversion that keep rodents out of your home.
Outdoor Bird LaserOutdoor Bird LaserOutdoor laser bird repeller distracts and removes birds, rodents and bats from outdoor areas with laser technology.
Solar Yard GardSolar Yard GardSolar-powered, pest repeller uses ultrasonic frequencies to keep unwanted animals away.
Sting 'Em Bird GelSting 'Em Bird GelSting 'Em Bird Gel is a roost inhibitor that makes landing surfaces sticky and irritable to pest birds. Works on many animals, too.
Transonic ProTransonic ProSonic and ultrasonic animal repeller gets rid of bats and small critters using sound frequencies they can't tolerate.
Yard-GardYard-GardElectronic animal repeller uses ultrasonic frequencies to keep small animals and rodents out of your yard.
Rats and mice have been around for as long as man has. Throughout history they have lived and exist wherever humans are. They have survived off man and provide nothing beneficial in return except disease, death, destruction and costly damage that rivals the national debt!  In fact, it is estimated in the US that rats and mice account for well over 1 billion dollars in damage each year to homeowners and business owners!

So how can such small creatures create such havoc? Here's a short list of reasons:
  1. Rats need to chew on things. They gnaw on electrical wires and thermal insulation to sharpen their teeth.  
  2. Rats need to feed a lot.  They eat up to 15% of their body weight each day. That means they are constantly scavenging for food.
  3. Rats urinate all the time to mark their territory. A single rat can defecate as much as 60 times a day leaving unsightly messes and bad smell wherever they have been. In addition, rat droppings attract other rodents and can carry diseases, like Salmonella and tapeworm.
  4. A pack of rats can harm, infect and even kill ordinary house pets like cats and small dogs.
  5. Rats are notorious for destroying roofs by chewing on the shingles and eaves. 
  6. Rats have been known to carry multiple diseases worldwide that can spread to humans and other animals by coming into contact with their droppings, urine or being directly bitten.
  7. Rats will kill your garden! Although fruits are not their first choice, rats will eat just about anything including bulbs and seedlings in late Summer.
  8. Rat infestations can cause thousands of dollars in repair to damaged structures, in addition to the potential cost of extermination and rat removal.
  9. Rats were directly correlated to the spreading of the Bubonic plague or "Black Death" during the 14th century. Over 1/3 of the European population was wiped out, almost 20,000,000 people. The death toll world-wide was estimated at nearly 70.000.000!
  10. Rats are not afraid of humans! Unlike other animals that tend to become frightened when they see a human and run off, rats are more confident. They have learned to co-exist among humans for centuries and know that we are the source of their survival. In fact, the more rats that join together the more confident they become.
So it goes without saying that rats and mice are one of the most problematic pests on the planet! That is why it is extremely important for homeowners and business owners to implement a rodent control management program at the first sign of a rodent infestation. Ignoring the problem can lead to property damage, potential health problems, liability issues, public health shut-downs and financial loss.

Pest squirrels can also cause a variety of serious problems and expensive damage. Squirrel damage can include chewing on wires; tearing up insulation; gnawing on wood trim, siding, and window frames; destroying gardens, flowerbeds, plants and lawn furniture cushions; nibbling garden fruits and vegetables; stealing from fruit trees and plants. Once a squirrel gets acclimated to a yard, they can be extremely hard to repel. All of our ultrasonic electronic rodent repellers are effective pest squirrel repellent solutions.