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Bird Control for SignsSigns, billboards and marquees are favorite roosting spots for birds. Birds love perching on signs because it provides a better view point for other birds of prey and potential food sources on the ground. Signs and billboards don't typically receive a lot of maintenance attention, so it's not uncommon for signs to be defaced with bird droppings and nest materials. This leaves a very unsightly appearance to your customers, if this is your business or property sign. For billboard property, birds can be a huge nuisance as they tend to nest in the metal structures. Bird droppings that remain for an extended period of time can eventually deface and deteriorate signage making the message unreadable.

BirdStoppers offers effective bird control products that can repel pest birds, safely and humanely, away from signs and billboards. Review our tips and best bird repellent products below.
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Bird Control Strategies for Signs and Billboards
The best way to protect signs and billboards is to install effective bird deterrent products that can create barriers from pest birds creating nests and roost inhibitors like bird spikes or bird gel on top of signs, ledges and beams to keep them from landing. Billboard and sign property owners should do site checks frequently to ensure they are adequately maintained and free of bird debris and droppings.
  • Electronic sound repellers like the BirdXPeller Pro are effective at repelling pigeons and other birds away from signs. Use the Super BirdXPeller Pro for greater coverage areas where multiple billboard property exists.

  • BroadBand Pro, our best selling combination ultrasonic/sonic bird control device repels pest birds anywhere. BroadBand Pro can provide a large area of protection and is discreet.

  • Bird netting provides complete bird exclusion and creates a bird barrier for areas that have a zero bird tolerance. ideal to protect the back side of billboards and very large marquee signage.

  • Roost inhibitors like Bird SpikesBird Gel aversions and bird shock tape protect landing surfaces from pest birds perching.

  • Visual bird scares like Bird Deflector and Irri-Tape flashing tape are effective visual bird deterrents to keep birds from landing on signs, billboards and marquees.

  • UV Reflective Paint is a great bird deterrent for all landing surfaces.

Bird Control for Billboards

Shop Bird Control Products for Signs Below >>

Shop Bird Control Products for Signs Below >>

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Balcony GardBalcony GardSilent, electronic bird control device gets rid of pesty birds in small areas like on patios and balconies.
Bird DeflectorBird DeflectorWind driven, visual deterrent disorients birds as it reflects sunlight at multiple angles while it spins.
Bird Netting - Standard MeshBird Netting - Standard MeshStandard Mesh, 3/4" bird netting is perfect to protect areas around the home or garden from birds.
Bird Netting StructuralBird Netting StructuralHeavy-duty BirdNet for protecting structures, vineyards, crops, etc. from nuisance birds and bats.
BirdXPeller ProBirdXPeller ProSonic bird repeller emits real bird distress calls and predator sounds to scare away birds for up to 1 acre.
Flock Free Bird SprayFlock Free Bird SprayFlock Free Bird Spray is a specially formulated liquid bird repellent for residential use on plants, trees and and foliage.
Flock Free Tank Mix KitFlock Free Tank Mix KitTank Mix Kit is a specially formulated liquid bird repeller that can be sprayed on structures and foliage.
Flock Off! UV PaintFlock Off! UV PaintUV reflective paint creates a visually intense barrier that birds instinctively avoid.
Irri-TapeIrri-TapeFoil tape repels birds with a synergy of visual, audible and physical distractions to scare them off.
Plastic Bird SpikesPlastic Bird SpikesPlastic bird spikes create a physical barrier to prevent birds from landing on rooftops and ledges.
Shock TapeShock TapeAdhesive-backed conductive tape sends a low voltage zap to stop birds from perching on surfaces.
Stainless Steel Bird SpikesStainless Steel Bird SpikesSteel bird spikes physically prevent pest birds from roosting on landing surfaces like rooftops, ledges, etc.
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