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1 Transonic Mole Chaser
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Transonic Mole Chaser
Transonic Mole ChaserMole Digging
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Transonic Mole Electronic Mole & Gopher Chaser

The Transonic Mole and Gopher Chaser is a three-in-one multi-sensory attack on all burrowing creatures. Solar-powered and highly effective, the Transonic Mole Chaser targets creatures both above and below ground making all environments unmanageable. The best of its kind on the market today, this transonic device is clean, safe, non-toxic and harmless to pets and humans. Don't let critters destroy your lawn!
  • Electronic repeller combining ultrasound, vibration and a flashing light.
  • Weatherproof and low profile.
  • Emits bursts of sound and vibration every 20 seconds, to repel underground intruders.
  • Solar power energy. No batteries or electricity needed.  Use it anywhere.
  • Light flashes every 5 seconds, to deter critters above ground.
  • Maintenance-Free. No messy gels, dangerous poisons, or complicated traps.
  • No moving parts. No mechanical repairs needed.
  • Covers up to 7800 sq. ft. (50 ft. radius).
  • 24-hour operation. Protect your landscape day or night.
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Transonic Mole Chaser Specifications
Dimensions (assembled) 14.5” x 6” x 6”
Box Dimensions (Ships from Chicago) 8" x 8" x 5" / Shipping weight: 2 lbs.
Coverage Up to 50 ft. radius (approximately 7,800 sq. ft.)
Power Supply Ni-MH AA 1200mA/h battery*3, 3.6v (sealed unit)
Flash 0.1sec/5sec. 4 flash lights
Sound 800Hz frequency lasting 1 second at 20 second intervals
Vibration 1 second at 20 second intervals
Operation Sounds and vibrations alternate on a 20-second cycle +/- 10%
Solar Power current Daytime 20mA, noon 60mA, night 0mA
Working current Flash <60mA, ultrasonic<60mA, vibration<20mA, stand by <0.02mA (average approximately 5mA)
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