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Dean Lloyd Enterprises, Inc., Bird Control Products
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We are dedicated to providing our customers with the best bird control products and solutions! 

BirdStoppers is dedicated to providing our customers with the best quality bird control products and solutions in the industry! We are an authorized distributor of bird control products from multiple manufacturers with a combined experience of over fifty years of researching bird behaviors and developing safe, humane and effective bird and pest control products. We guarantee that all of our products are non-lethal, non-harmful, environmentally safe and ecologically sound

By working with our manufacturers directly, we offer our customers the following benefits:
  • First-hand knowledge and expertise in bird behavior and how and why our products work.
  • Expert evaluation of bird problems and determining bird control solutions.
  • Factory-direct competitive pricing.
  • Latest product technology and research in bird control devices.
  • One stop shopping! Our products are not sold in retail stores.

While all our products are unique and effective, we have learned through experience that bird control products used in combination (i.e. a sound device plus a visual device plus a physical roost inhibitor) yield significantly greater effectiveness than any one product functioning by itself. This is especially true in situations where the birds are very stubborn, where they have been in a given place for a long period of time, or where the area is very desirable due to food, warmth or shelter. A combination means the products are able to work synergistically using a multi-sensory attack to create an aurally, visually and physically undesirable environment.

BirdStoppers.com is a division of Dean Lloyd Enterprises, Inc. We are a customer-oriented, family owned business based in Illinois and established in 2002. Our vision, from the beginning, has been to provide you the convenience of shopping at our online store from your home or office to find the best solution for your bird or pest problem. Our Bird Control Professionals are always available to save our customers time and energy by helping you select the right product. We value each opportunity to establish a new and lasting relationship with our patrons. If you have any questions, comments or concerns about our products or web-site, please feel free to contact us at any time to share your feedback. We value your opinion as a customer and always welcome your input!

We can be reached:

By Email:  sales@deanlloyd02.com

By Phone:

Customer Service Hours: Monday - Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm, CST
 1-866-411-6287 Ext.2

(*If your call goes to Voice Mail, we are helping other customers or it's after normal business hours. We don't want to miss your call, so please leave a voice message with your name, phone number and brief description.)
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