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Oil Field Bird ControlNuisance birds like grackles, starlings, pigeons and other flocking pest birds have been a serious problem for oil, gas and chemical refineries for years. Oil rigs and oil fields experience the same challenges with roosting birds causing damage to structures and equipment. Pest birds love to perch on pipes, beams, poles, towers and any other open structure that they can land on. Roosting birds can cause a mess with nests and droppings including a major slip hazard for workers on ladders and steps. Bird droppings have been associated with causing over 60 diseases. It's imperative that bird droppings do not infiltrate a refinery’s valves, gauges, or other equipment to avoid potential contamination health hazards and clean-up costs

Refinery facilities have used professional extermination techniques that use poisons and deadly chemicals to exterminate bird infestations. In addition to being inhumane, this leaves the problem of disease ridden, dead birds on the premises. The dead birds now become a meal for other scavenger birds and animals. Plus, the diseases now carry forward to more birds and animals. This method of bird removal is completely unneccessary with today's advancement in bird removal technology
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Oil Fields & Refineries Bird Control Strategies
Bird control at refineries is important for the protection of equipment, structures and the safety and health of workers. Birdstoppers offers several effective, humane and proven bird deterrents to repel birds at oil refineries. View our most recommended bird abatement products below and stop pest birds before they become a big problem at your facility!  UV reflective paint and Flock Off together.
  • Exclusion bird netting is very effective at keeping pest birds out by creating a physical barrier. Use bird netting around equipment and other specific areas you want to protect.

  • Bird Hazers or Foggers can protect large open areas at the refinery from bigger birds like pigeons, blackbirds, gulls and geese.

  • Powerful electronic sound repellers like the Super BirdXPeller Pro can frighten away pigeons, starlings and other birds up to 6 acres. The Mega Blaster Pro and Critter Blaster Pro may also be used in larger uninhabited areas. They produce much louder noises.

  • For areas that sound devices will be disturbing, try a silent and discreetultrasonic bird repeller like BroadBand Pro to repel birds in large outdoor areas.

  • Bird Spikes and Bird Gel deterrents can be used to keep birds from roosting on ledges, beams, rafters, pipes, catwalks and other surfaces. UV Reflective Paint is a great bird deterrent for all landing surfaces likes pipes and beams.

  • Bird scares like Bird Deflector and Irri-Tape are effective visual bird deterrents using the sun's reflection and wind movement to scare away birds.
  • Shock Tape is effective to protect beams, ledges, pipes and other long surfaces. It's easy to install and gives birds a small zap reminding them not to land again.
Oil Field Bird Control

Shop Bird Netting Products for Oil Fields Below >>

Shop Bird Netting Products for Oil Fields Below >>

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Bird DeflectorBird DeflectorWind driven, visual deterrent disorients birds as it reflects sunlight at multiple angles while it spins.
Bird Netting StructuralBird Netting StructuralHeavy-duty BirdNet for protecting structures, vineyards, crops, etc. from nuisance birds and bats.
BirdNet PremiumBirdNet Premium3/4" Premium grade netting is a permanent physical barrier solution for large commercial projects.
Broadband ProBroadband ProOffers both sonic sounds and ultrasonic pulses to evict pest birds. 3 acre coverage.
Flock Off! UV PaintFlock Off! UV PaintUV reflective paint creates a visually intense barrier that birds instinctively avoid.
Irri-TapeIrri-TapeFoil tape repels birds with a synergy of visual, audible and physical distractions to scare them off.
Plastic Bird SpikesPlastic Bird SpikesPlastic bird spikes create a physical barrier to prevent birds from landing on rooftops and ledges.
Stainless Steel Bird SpikesStainless Steel Bird SpikesSteel bird spikes physically prevent pest birds from roosting on landing surfaces like rooftops, ledges, etc.
Super BirdXPeller ProSuper BirdXPeller ProSonic bird repeller uses natural distress calls for bird control protection in large outdoor areas.
Surface Pro Tack - Liquid SpikesSurface Pro Tack - Liquid SpikesLiquid plastic bird spikes, for indoor and outdoor use, that makes surfaces tacky and uncomfortable for birds to land on. 
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