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Visual Bird Repellers
Visual Bird Repellers use visual deterrent technology to disorient, irritate and frighten off pest birds. Visual bird deterrent devices consist of using lights or lasers to scare away birds. Visual bird deterrents perform best when used indoors or semi-enclosed areas.

Our Super QuadBlaster Bird Repeller combines ultrasonic sound waves and a flashing red strobe light to provide a multi-sensory attack to repel pest birds.

Bird Blazer Visual Bird Repeller uses "fat beam" laser technology to ward off birds by sending constantly changing laser beam patterns to different locations across the coverage area.
Shop Visual Bird Repeller Products Now >>

Shop Visual Bird Repeller Products Now >>

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Autonomous Bird LaserAutonomous Bird LaserAutonomous bird laser can be programmed to automatically and continuously repel birds!
Bird BlazerBird BlazerElectronic laser bird control device covers large indoor spaces while distracting and confusing pest birds, rodents and bats.
Hand-Held Bird LaserHand-Held Bird LaserHand-held bird laser is ideal for long distance bird repelling!
Indoor Bird LaserIndoor Bird LaserIndoor bird laser uses laser beams to repel birds and other creatures from indoor areas and enclosed spaces.
Outdoor Bird LaserOutdoor Bird LaserOutdoor laser bird repeller distracts and removes birds, rodents and bats from outdoor areas with laser technology.
Super QuadBlasterSuper QuadBlasterUltrasonic pest bird repeller and flashing strobe light is a multi-sensory attack on birds and bats.
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