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BroadBand ProBird nests should be removed prior to using any BirdStopper's products. If birds are in trees, and nests cannot be physically removed, products need to be in the trees with the birds in order to have any desired effect!

Electronic products typically do not work immediately!  Actually, in some cases, the electronics DO produce immediate and dramatic results.  BUT, as a general rule, and considering the thousands of situations and environments it may take several days and patience for the product to affect the birds.  Again, in cases of nests, the continued existence of the bird nests, especially in the spring, will be an instinctive magnet for the birds.

Visual products are highly recommended to be used in combination with the sound repellers.  Any new, physical bird deterrent (good ones like our Bird Bopper, Prowler Owl or Irri-Tape) will add effect to any newly introduced sound designed to repel birds. The combination may add a huge dimension to the sounds, how well they work, how quickly the sounds take effect, etc.  The sound systems are designed and guaranteed without the visuals, but the synergy of both always adds effect. The Broadband PRO automatically comes with all three visual repellers and has one of the highest success rates of effectively removing birds!

Electronic products need to be installed at the correct level.  In order for the electronic product to work most effectively, the birds must be exposed proximately and consistently to the sounds whether they are ultrasonic sounds (silent to humans) or the occasional sonic sounds (natural sounds of predator birds like hawks and falcons and bird distress signals).  This means that the speaker of a given system must be all the way up at the level of the birds and the birds ideally should be exposed to the sounds at a reasonable distance for a good deal of the time to break their particular habit.

We cannot say electronic bird control devices can control 100% of the birds 100% of the time in 100% of applications!  There are simply too many environments and contributing factors which may determine how well an electronic repeller works, how fast it takes effect and what percentage of the problem a given repeller is capable of solving.  Empirical data shows that the success rate is well in to the 80% range and in many cases higher.

Electronic products are guaranteed, visual repellers are not. For customer's peace of mind, we have a one month performance guarantee! This allows the customer to use the product, monitor results and move and experiment with the product if necessary.  If the customer is not satisfied with results, the sound system may be returned to us directly. 

Sound devices must be changed, moved, discontinued and varied.  Sound devices are designed, in part, to change behavior patterns of birds. The systems are programmed by the user and the programming is there so it can be altered frequently or periodically to continue to chase the birds.  Nest removal may have to be more frequent than once to help the longevity of the control program.  The SHORT off time should NOT be used with the electronics!!

Sounds should NOT come on any more often than 5 minutes apart (use LONG or extra long setting).  Speakers can be moved physically and the system even shut off periodically to keep the environment changing.  Bird Stop repellent spray is now recommended as a seasonal application to prevent new nesting and roosting.



  1. Kendall Everett on June 21, 2016 at 4:50 PM said:
    I had no idea that electronic products that emitted a sound would work for deterring birds. If the birds don't like the noise they will fly to another location so this makes sense. Are some electrical products dangerous to birds or humans?
  2. Edina Losonczi on June 15, 2020 at 2:03 AM said:
    https://www.termiteandpestcontrolnorthbrisbane.com.au/possums-and-birds.html This is new to me. Never expected there is electroic products to repel birds. I only know repel to bugs and mosquitos
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