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SongbirdThe sound of songbirds can be a beautiful thing to wake up to in the morning

The pleasant chirping can even make your home feel like it is located in a nature sanctuary. However, there are downsides to having birds around your home. Depending on the breed, they can have corrosive droppings and even cause damage to your home. Though birds aren't the worst pests in the world, they do have their moments. Here are some safe ways to keep birds off your property with very little effort on your part.

Bird Calls
When it comes to fight or flight, birds typically take flight. They aren't the kind of animal to stick around when a conflict arises. If you want to rid your home and your property of a certain kind of bird, then identify what the bird's breed is and set up a speaker, like the BirdXPeller Pro, that plays the distress calls of that type of bird. If a bird hears the distress call of another bird, it will likely drive it away.

Remove Nests
Though bird calls are very effective, they can be equally annoying to the homeowner as they are distressing to a bird. Another good way to discourage birds from living in your space is to watch where they fly to around your home and remove their nests. It is best to do this early on before they lay eggs or those eggs hatch. You should remove the nest and wipe the area with disinfectant to remove the scent of that bird. Sometimes the birds will rebuild their nests, so keep an eye out and remove them again. It usually won't take more than a time or 2 to discourage the birds from nesting.

emove Food and Water
Bird baths and feeders can be aesthetically pleasing and add something unique to your landscape, but they can also attract birds that you don't want around. You might like birds like swallows or finches, but you might be attracting some bigger, rambunctious birds. Larger birds like crows or seagulls are known to be bird feeder bullies, so it is understandable that you wouldn't want them around scaring the other fowl. Remove your water and feeders for a while and set up the bird distress calls to clear out the pests.

Another safe way to deter birds from coming into your personal space is to set up repellents. No, there isn't a spray like bug repellent. A bird repellent can be in the form of spikes that discourage them from landing on your home and making nests, or it can be in the form of a lifelike statue of a bird of prey, like an owl or eagle. These cause no harm to the birds, they are cheap, and they are usually unnoticeable to passersby.
It is important to handle birds safely since they do play an important role in the environment. If you happen to have a bird inside your home, you should try to guide it out or call a professional to remove it.

Critter Control - Joe Felegi
Joe Felegi is currently a dedicated chair member of the NPMA Wildlife Committee. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Wildlife Management from Slippery Rock University. Joe has two years of experience from the National Park Service, as well as 25 years of experience as a franchisee owner. Previously a board member and VP of the company, he currently serves as president of Critter Control of Florida and overseer of all five franchisees. Joe is also the Regional Director of the National Wildlife Control Association (NWCOA), and a Franchisee Advisory Committee Chairman.

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