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Flock ReflectorThe Flock Reflector is a completely unique visual bird deterrent!

The Flock Reflector is a new and innovative way to visually distract birds and keep them from landing and roosting.

The Flock Reflector may look like some sort of strange weather device at first glance. In fact, its design is fairly simple and unobtrusive. However, once the Flock Reflector is installed in a location with sun and wind it really starts to do its job. As the unit spins in the wind, the sun shines off of the mirrored reflectors and sends spinning rays of flashing light in all directions. These spinning rays of constantly changing reflections are highly irritating to birds. Birds actually see in ultraviolet light just like we do. This makes the device all the more menacing to them, if they are in the vicinity flying around. 

This is one of the best visual deterrents to be introduced in a long time. Many of the older visual bird deterrents and decoys just aren't doing the trick anymore. The Flock Reflector is unique as a visual bird repellent because it is never static and is always changing (unless there is no wind or no sun). 

The Flock Reflector can be mounted on a variety of surfaces and in a multitude of locations to repel birds. The device can be mounted with screws, bolts, or with (optional) suction cups.

The Flock Reflector is very effective at repelling seagulls and other water birds. We recommend using the Flock Reflector to repel seagulls around marinas, boats, docks, parking lots, pools, recreational facilities, beaches and more.

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