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Portable Moby HazerFully automated and portable Bird Hazer repels medium to large birds and keeps them from coming back.

The Portable Moby Bird Hazer can move out large populations of birds, like geese, very quickly by irritating their sense of smell.

The Portable Moby Hazer turns a liquid bird repellent, Eco Bird, into a lighter than air haze which rises to meet birds while they are in flight. The liquid repellent has an active ingredient that is commonly used in many liquid bird repellent and taste aversion products. The active ingredient, called MA, uses the smelly part of concord grapes in a formulation that can be sprayed to treat grassy areas or in this case used in a Hazer and turned into a light haze. Once the birds catch the scent of the repellent, the receptors in their nose or beaks becomes irritated with a burning sensation, similar to a human sniffing chili powder.

The Portable Moby Hazer is very efficient at moving large quantities of birds out of a specific area and keeping them out permanently. Because the unit is portable, it can moved to different locations at any time and set up to run instantly. It is recommended to move the unit around occasionally or use multiple units in different locations in order to keep birds from becoming acclimated to the surrounding environment, as well.

The Portable Moby includes a programmable digital timer that is already factory-preset to dispense the haze for about 10 seconds every three minutes. These intervals can be customized and adjusted by the user as required. The unit includes a 2.5 gallon reservoir tank to hold the Eco Bird liquid. Under normal operating conditions, this amount of liquid can last up to 2-3 months before refilling. 

The Portable Moby Hazer also includes the following features:

  • Internal heater that heats up the liquid allows for operation in colder temps or climates.
  • Portable unit is compact and unobtrusive. It can be used in areas that specifically require discretion.
  • Outer shell is made from heavy-duty, powder-coated metal construction that will not rust outdoors.
  • Fogging nozzle is preset at the factory so there's no mixing or formulas to have to figure out.
  • Battery back-up unit keeps power flowing even during outages.
  • Additional outlets allow piggybacking of a second unit or power to an optional fan kit.
  • Optional portable battery pack can be purchased for locations with no power source.



  1. David Smith on August 18, 2015 at 10:48 AM said:
    I agree, this is a very efficient machine. I've used this, as well has many of my customers, and they all love it!
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