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SparrowSparrows and Starlings are smaller birds which are harder to control with traditional bird control methods. They become even more difficult to control is they are nesting. Populations of small birds such as these can become extremely large, if left unattended with no specific bird control solution in place.

Sparrows and Starlings that are roosting outdoors on roofs, beams, ledges and signs can be deterred using Flock Off Gel and Flock Off UV Paint. Shock Tape can also be added for another layer of irritation.

Small birds are notorious for flying in and out open doors of buildings and warehouses looking for food and shelter. These birds can be repelled by installing an ultrasonic bird repeller like the QuadBlaster QB4 unit which is silent to humans but irritates small birds with ultrasonic sound waves. Mount the unit up as high as possible where the birds are roosting to keep them away.

The key to preventing small birds becoming a perennial problem is to be proactive with bird control methods. Have a bird control program in place in the early Spring or at the first signs of small birds starting to conjugate around a specific location. Once small birds start nesting they can be very difficult to remove.

Starlings sometimes like to make their nests in pre-existing holes they find, such as those made by woodpeckers. Treat these holes with Sting' Em Gel. The irritating sensation will keep them from coming back.

Small birds can become a nuisance on covered patios and balconies because they offer a convenient resting spot and shelter from sun and rain. In addition, they can begin to make a mess quickly, if they return frequently. Use Flock Off Gel in small beads every few feet along railings and bannisters. Fill in between with a strip of UV Reflective Paint as an added visual deterrent. Our Shock Tape Kit can also be used as an effective bird deterrent in small areas. Place an Umbrella Protector on any patio umbrellas that birds may be frequently landing on. Birds love to roost on umbrellas and will eventually poke holes through it if they start pecking at it to get material for their nests.

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