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American CrowCrows have been one of the biggest problems for farmers and those that own crops.

Every Spring through Fall these nuisance birds begin their annual ritual of destroying crops. Early prevention is the key to controlling crows and keeping them away from areas you want to protect.

Crows that are landing on rooftops and ledges can be treated with Shock Tape combined with Flock Off UV Paint

Flock Reflectors are highly effective at repelling crows in areas that offer convenient roosting spots. Use several Flock Reflectors in large areas you are trying to protect.

Crows are highly sensitive to the MA formula that Hazers disperse. Bird Hazers are effective at controlling large populations of crows like on a roof or in a field. Contact BirdStoppers for proper hazer recommendations depending on the particular application.

Bird Stop liquid bird repellent works well to protect grassy areas and other areas where Gels or shock devices may not be suitable.

Place Shock Sticks in tree branches or large bushes where crows are roosting. Once they are zapped they will not want to come back to that area again.

Electronic sound repellers may also be used in combination with the above methods to add an additional level of irritation to crows.

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