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WoodpeckerWoodpeckers come in a variety of different and colorful species.

Woodpeckers are very colorful birds but boy can they be annoying, if they are pecking on the side of your house or building early in the morning. Some Woodpeckers "drilling" can be so loud at times that you would think someone was playing the drums outside your window. Woodpeckers will peck on just about anything and any type of material if they think there is food to be found. They also "drum" on structures to establish their territory.

The drumming and drilling sounds can certainly be annoying, but more importantly is the damage that Woodpeckers can cause to structures. Woodpeckers can be easier to repel than other birds because you generally don't tend to see them flocking together. Here are some product recommendations that can help repel Woodpeckers before they destroy your property.

  • Woodpecker Pro is an electronic bird repeller that uses real Woodpecker distress calls and natural predator cries to scare them away. Mount the WoodPecker Pro unit at the height of where the birds are.
  • Flock Reflectors are very effective at preventing Woodpecker activity around structures. Mount the units high on roofs or light fixtures when possible. Most importantly, make sure they are mounted in a location that gets full sun and wind action.
  • An application of Sting 'Em Gel may do the trick on trees around holes and on roof lines where woodpecker activity has been detected. Apply the Gel directly to the areas where you see visual evidence.

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