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Landfill Bird ControlLandfill and junkyard owners have a consistent problem with scavenger pest birds. Easy access to litter, garbage and food remnants are easy targets for hungry birds and other pest animals. Birds infestations at these sites pose a greater challenge to effective landfill bird control methods. Large bird infestions at landfills can pose serious health risks for workers. Bird droppings can lead to respiratory problems and other diseases. Sometimes bird populations grow so large over landfill sites that workers are being "bird bombed" directly from the sky. Also, the acidic corrosion in bird droppings can damage equipment and cause deterioration.

Unattended bird problems can give the perception that the site is not being maintained properly. The problem can become significantly greater if a filed complaint warrants a Regulator to make an unannounced site visit. Avoid potential fines,, penalties and community complaints by r
eviewing the strategies and recommended bird deterrents below to keep your bird problem under control at your site.
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Landfill and Junkyard Bird Control Strategies
Our recommended landfill bird deterrent products are a safe and humane way to repel pest birds away from landfill and junkyard sites. Typically, effective landfill bird control requires combining more than one method of bird deterrent like using an electronic bird repeller or bird hazer with visual scare devices. Some preventative measures can be taken by the site operator like sealing off food sources. Some landfill sites have implemented a bagging system to cover waste as it comes in. Falcons are a natural bird hunter! Some site owners have implemented a program to repel birds where trained falcons fly over the area. If you can afford the cost of a professional Falconer, great!  If not, our sonic bird repellers, that use digital recordings of real predator bird harassment sounds, may be a more affordable bird control solution.
  • Bird netting is one of the oldest and most effective methods of bird exclusion and can protect large areas from bird entry.

  • Bird Hazers have shown great success at repelling large birds in wide open areas. Hazers emit a light fog that emits an irritating scent to flying birds. Multiple bird hazers can be operated by a solar powered generator.

  • The Mega Blaster Pro can blast away birds in flight by broadcasting very loud, harassing bird sounds and can protect up to 30 acres of land with a single unit. CritterBlaster Pro uses recordings of real shot gun sounds and explosions to scare birds away.

  • The GooseBuster Sonic Repeller can repel gulls and other water birds away from feeding areas.

  • Physical bird barriers like Bird Spikes, Bird Gel deterrents and bird shock devices can be used to safeguard landing spots like on the baler buildings where waste first arrives.

  • Visual bird scares like Irri-tape and Bird Deflector and realistic bird predators such as Prowler Owl and 3D Coyote Decoy can be easily installed throughout the site.

Landfill Bird Deterrents

Shop Landfill Bird Control Products Below >>

Shop Landfill Bird Control Products Below >>

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Bird BopperBird BopperVisual bird scare, heavy-duty vinyl balloon whips around in the wind scaring off pest birds.
Bird DeflectorBird DeflectorWind driven, visual deterrent disorients birds as it reflects sunlight at multiple angles while it spins.
Broadband ProBroadband ProOffers both sonic sounds and ultrasonic pulses to evict pest birds. 3 acre coverage.
Coyote DecoyCoyote DecoyRealistic life-size predator decoy scares away geese, birds and other small pests.
Critter Blaster ProCritter Blaster ProSonic animal and bird repeller uses digital harrassment sounds to get rid of pests. 6 acre coverage.
Irri-TapeIrri-TapeFoil tape repels birds with a synergy of visual, audible and physical distractions to scare them off.
Mega Blaster ProMega Blaster ProSuper sonic bird control repeller blasts birds away with very loud bird distress calls. Ideal for airports and landfills.
Prowler OwlProwler OwlVisual bird scare, predator owl replica is lifelike and moves in the wind to scare away birds and pests. 
Solar Yard GardSolar Yard GardSolar-powered, pest repeller uses ultrasonic frequencies to keep unwanted animals away.
Sonic NetSonic NetSonic Net uses new white sound technology to scramble birds communication signals.
Super BirdXPeller ProSuper BirdXPeller ProSonic bird repeller uses natural distress calls for bird control protection in large outdoor areas.
Terror EyesTerror EyesVisual scare predator, menacing 3D balloon with holographic eyes repels pest birds and small animals.
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