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Corporate Grounds Bird ControlEffective bird control for office buildings and corporate grounds can be very important for the success of your business and also for the safety of your clients and workers. It's important to recognize and deal with bird problems early before they become a full blown bird infestation. Pest birds can cause many problems for office complexes including damaged landscaping and grass, polluted water and sidewalks from bird droppings, defacement and deterioration of buildings and structures, noise disturbance, potential injury and liability issues. Severe bird infestations that have been left unattended for too long, like pigeon problems, can lead to serious health hazards, expensive clean-up costs, potential fines and penalties, and the worst case scenario - Shut Down! 

Bird control problems and unsightly bird messes
 around corporate buildings and grounds leave a bad impression and negative perception to potential clients and the surrounding community. 
Review our tips and recommended bird control products below to keep your office building and grounds bird free!
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Office Complexes Bird Control Strategies
Pest birds that have become acclimated to the area make complete bird removal significantly more challenging. Several preventative practices can be implemented to avoid a major bird infestation. Clean up bird messes from walkways right away and keep any type of food sources covered and contained. If birds are spotted roosting on a consistent basis or feeding, take action right away
 by using a combination of bird deterrents and visual scares around the property. Protect equipment and structures with bird barrier deterrents. Bird control products for offices and corporate ground areas are most effective when implemented before the bird population gets out of hand.
  • Bird netting can protect any open area that has a zero bird tolerance keeping pigeons out and avoiding costly damage and repairs. For building roofs, HVAC units, vents, chimneys and more. 

  • Bird Hazers can protect large open areas like building roofs to keep birds away. Hazers are also effective on repelling birds around corporate ground areas.

  • Powerful electronic sound repellers like the Super BirdXPeller Pro can frighten away pigeons and other birds up to 6 acres. Bird repellers are effective to protect around outdoor building areas, grounds, parking facilities and more.

  • The GooseBuster Repeller repels geese from feeding in grassy areas on corporate grounds and around water. Combine with a taste aversion product to treat grass and turf like Bird Stop.

  • Use BirdXPeller Pro, which has sound settings targeted for specific bird species, to repel birds in smaller areas or semi-enclosed spaces.

  • For areas that sound devices will be disturbing, try a silent and discreetultrasonic bird repeller like BroadBand Pro to repel birds in large outdoor areas.

  • Bird Spikes and Bird Gel deterrents can be used to keep birds from roosting on ledges, beams, canopies, rafters, pipes and other surfaces. Flock Off! Gel and UV Reflective Paint used together are a great bird deterrent for all landing surfaces.

  • Bird scares like Flock Reflector are an effective visual bird deterrent which can be mounted just about anywhere to repel pigeons and birds. Try predator decoys like Gator Guard to protect ponds and fountains. Use 3D-Coyote Decoy around corporate grounds to scare away geese.

Office Bird Control

Shop Office Complexes Bird Control Products Below >>

Shop Office Complexes Bird Control Products Below >>

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Autonomous Bird LaserAutonomous Bird LaserAutonomous bird laser can be programmed to automatically and continuously repel birds!
Balcony Water BlasterBalcony Water BlasterBlast birds off your balcony with a jet stream of water that activates when birds or other critters disturb the light beam sensor.
Bird StopBird StopLiquid bird repellent has a taste and smell that birds can't stand. Protect crops and food sources.
BirdNet PremiumBirdNet Premium3/4" Premium grade netting is a permanent physical barrier solution for large commercial projects.
Broadband ProBroadband ProOffers both sonic sounds and ultrasonic pulses to evict pest birds. 3 acre coverage.
Coyote DecoyCoyote DecoyRealistic life-size predator decoy scares away geese, birds and other small pests.
Flock Free Tank Mix KitFlock Free Tank Mix KitTank Mix Kit is a specially formulated liquid bird repeller that can be sprayed on structures and foliage.
Flock Off! Bird GelFlock Off! Bird GelEco-friendly perch inhibitor for residential use makes surfaces sticky and undesirable for birds to land on. 
Flock Off! UV PaintFlock Off! UV PaintUV reflective paint creates a visually intense barrier that birds instinctively avoid.
Flock ReflectorFlock ReflectorWind driven, visual deterrent disorients birds as it reflects light at multiple angles while it spins.
Fly Away Birdies Humming LineFly Away Birdies Humming LineWhen installed between two posts, the Humming Line emits an ever changing vibration sound to scare away birds.
Gator GuardGator GuardRealistic "floating" visual predator scares away geese and other water birds.
GooseBusterGooseBusterSonic goose control repeller features authentic goose alert and alarm calls to prevent acclimation.
GooseBuster ProGooseBuster ProGoose repeller features single-speaker to get rid of Canada Geese in smaller areas.
Hand-Held Bird LaserHand-Held Bird LaserHand-held bird laser is ideal for long distance bird repelling!
HVAC Riser Netting SystemHVAC Riser Netting SystemEconomical solution to keep birds away from expensive AC-HVAC units with protective netting system.
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