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Park District Bird ControlDON'T FEED THE BIRDS! You may have seen this sign before at a park district facility like a public pool or beach. This common sign means a lot more than just printed words on a board. Water and food are natural attractions for pest birds. Park Districts have to deal with bird control problems on an annual basis. Bird problems can put pressure on budgets and man hours and create public safety and health issues. Park Districts typically have to manage bird issues at parks, beaches, recreational facilities, bike paths, trails, playgrounds, public pools and facilities.

Open food, humans feeding birds and overflowing garbage cans are some of the main reasons that lead to potential bird infestations. Once birds are present bird removal becomes more challenging. The droppings birds leave are unsightly, foul smelling and a potential slip hazard, but they also carry diseases which humans can acquire by exposure. Review our tips and recommended products below to help you build a successful bird control management program at your park district.
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Park District & Recreational Facilities Bird Control Strategies
Park districts should have some form of bird control management program in place for their facilities and properties. This is important in order to effectively respond to bird and pest problems and control the situation before a full blown bird infestation occurs. This event could result in a facility, like a public pool, temporarily being shut down until the problem is eradicated. BirdStoppers offers several recommended products that will help park district managers keep birds under control at all their facilities!
  • Bird netting can be used to create a physical barrier to keep birds out of specific areas.

  • Powerful electronic sound repellers like the Super BirdXPeller Pro can frighten away pigeons, gulls and other birds up to 6 acres. Sound repellers work best around areas where birds are spread out like on beaches and public pools.
  • Tweetzilla Bird Hazer can be used in public areas silently and discreetly to repel pest birds with a light invisible haze that averts birds by irritating their sense of smell and taste.
  • The GooseBuster Sound Repeller frightens geese away with natural distress calls and predator cry sounds. This device can keep geese from feeding in grassy areas like on trails, playgrounds and bike paths. Geese in these areas can physically attack children and adults. Combine with a taste aversion product like Bird Stop Liquid Bird Repellent.

  • Use BirdXPeller Pro, which has sound settings targeted for specific bird species, to repel birds in smaller areas like around pools and semi-enclosed spaces.

  • For areas that sound devices will be disturbing, try a silent and discreetultrasonic bird repeller like BroadBand Pro to repel birds in large outdoor areas. Use Balcony Guard to silently repel birds in smaller areas.

  • Bird Spikes and Bird Gel deterrents can be used to keep birds from roosting on ledges, beams, rafters and other surfaces.

  • Bird scares like Bird Deflector and Irri-Tape are effective visual bird deterrents using the sun's reflection and wind movement to scare away birds. Use around pools and other recreational facilities.
Bird Control for Park Districts and Recreational Facilities

Shop Park District Bird Control Products Below >>

Shop Park District Bird Control Products Below >>

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Bird DeflectorBird DeflectorWind driven, visual deterrent disorients birds as it reflects sunlight at multiple angles while it spins.
Bird StopBird StopLiquid bird repellent has a taste and smell that birds can't stand. Protect crops and food sources.
BirdNet PremiumBirdNet Premium3/4" Premium grade netting is a permanent physical barrier solution for large commercial projects.
BirdXPeller ProBirdXPeller ProSonic bird repeller emits real bird distress calls and predator sounds to scare away birds for up to 1 acre.
Broadband ProBroadband ProOffers both sonic sounds and ultrasonic pulses to evict pest birds. 3 acre coverage.
Coyote DecoyCoyote DecoyRealistic life-size predator decoy scares away geese, birds and other small pests.
Flock Free Bird SprayFlock Free Bird SprayFlock Free Bird Spray is a specially formulated liquid bird repellent for residential use on plants, trees and and foliage.
Flock Free Tank Mix KitFlock Free Tank Mix KitTank Mix Kit is a specially formulated liquid bird repeller that can be sprayed on structures and foliage.
Gator GuardGator GuardRealistic "floating" visual predator scares away geese and other water birds.
GooseBusterGooseBusterSonic goose control repeller features authentic goose alert and alarm calls to prevent acclimation.
GooseBuster ProGooseBuster ProGoose repeller features single-speaker to get rid of Canada Geese in smaller areas.
HVAC Riser Netting SystemHVAC Riser Netting SystemEconomical solution to keep birds away from expensive AC-HVAC units with protective netting system.
Irri-TapeIrri-TapeFoil tape repels birds with a synergy of visual, audible and physical distractions to scare them off.
Mini Solar HazerMini Solar Hazer

The Mini Solar Hazer dispenses an invisible haze to irritate birds that is ideal for outdoor remote locations.

Plastic Bird SpikesPlastic Bird SpikesPlastic bird spikes create a physical barrier to prevent birds from landing on rooftops and ledges.
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