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  • Bird repellent devices
  • Spring is Coming!Do you have a Goose Control program in place to protect your property?
  • Bird HazersThe Portable Moby Hazer is ideal for repelling geese and other birds in large areas by irritating their sense of smell.
  • Ultrasonic DeterrentsThe BroadBand Pro uses discreet and silent ultrasonic sound waves to repel birds in large areas.
  • Electronic Bird ControlElectronic sound devices like the BirdXPeller Pro use species-specific bird noises to keep birds away.
  • Visual ScaresScare away birds using realistic predator decoys and visual scare devices like the Flock Reflector, an ideal Seagull deterrent.
  • Bird Shock DevicesLow-voltage shock devices like the Umbrella Protector keep birds from landing and roosting in unwanted areas by giving them a small "zap"!
  • Bird NettingBird Netting has many uses which prevents birds from landing and ruining buildings, property and equipment.
  • Bird SpikesRoost inhibitors like Bird Spikes permanently deter pigeons and other birds from perching on signs, ledges, beams and billboards.
  • Taste AversionsBird Stop is a bio-degradable liquid bird repellent that protects grass, plants and crops from hungry birds.
  • Bird GelsA synergy of products like Flock Off! UV Reflective Paint combined with Flock Off! Bird Gel deter birds visually and physically from landing.
  • Animal RepellentsYard Gard uses motion-activated, ultrasonic sound waves to keep pests off your property!
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Top Selling Products
Bird DeflectorBird DeflectorWind driven, visual deterrent disorients birds as it reflects sunlight at multiple angles while it spins.
Broadband ProBroadband ProOffers both sonic sounds and ultrasonic pulses to evict pest birds. 3 acre coverage.
Flock Free Tank Mix KitFlock Free Tank Mix KitTank Mix Kit is a specially formulated liquid bird repeller that can be sprayed on structures and foliage.
Portable Moby Bird HazerPortable Moby Bird HazerPortable and sleek bird hazer is ideal for chasing geese and other birds away from any location!
QuadBlaster QB-4QuadBlaster QB-4Ultrasonic bird repeller blast birds and bats out of semi-enclosed, indoor areas with silent ultrasonic waves.
Birdy is ready is help solve your bird problems
Bird Control Products that are Safe and Effective
Welcome to BirdStoppers.com. We are dedicated to helping solve your bird and pest control problems with our line of highly effective and safe bird control products. We have solutions for bird problems large or small. We realize that having a bird or pest control problem can be very expensive, time consuming and stressful. By visiting us, you've already taken the first step toward developing a successful bird control solution. Our goal is to help you achieve that result!

You cannot afford to allow a bird or pest problem to go on unabated any longer. Whether you are running a business or protecting your home, bird infestations can bring disease, damage expensive infrastructure, and even cause injury to persons and animals. An investment in a BirdStopper’s bird repellant or deterrent device is an investment in your property and potentially your health.

Products from Bird-X, Flock Free, Make-Em-Move and More…
Please browse among our full range of top quality bird control products. We have all the bird control methods covered; from bird repellents to electronic bird deterrents, there is a safe yet effective bird control solution for you. You may discover a new device or bird repellent among our catalog that you were not previously aware of, such as our new line of Bird Hazers. We frequently update our product offerings to include the latest advancements in bird control that improve upon effectiveness, safety, and ease of use. We offer the best brands in the industry like Flock Free and Bird-X products and we also introduce lesser known yet innovative brands as well. You have come to the right place at BirdStoppers!

We hope that you will find our bird control site easy to navigate, educational and informative. We offer a wealth of information on this site about pest birds and other critters. You will find additional helpful resources on our weekly blog, Bird Beat, and our social media pages like Facebook and Twitter. Please follow us on these sites and consider subscribing to our periodic BirdStopper's Newsletter for helpful articles, product updates and special promotions. We always encourage your feedback so please share a brief testimony or write a product review on our bird control products.
Our Committment To You!
Our philosophy is more than just selling pest and bird control products and leaving you to figure out the rest. We feel it is important to provide our customers with a complete bird control solution. We accomplish this in the following ways:
  • Providing friendly and experienced customer service.
  • Working with our customers from beginning to end to educate and develop a complete bird control management program.
  • Expert evaluation and analysis of your bird or pest problem.
  • Educating our customers on bird behavior and characteristics and recommending the best suited bird control products.
  • Offering competitively-priced, safe and effective line of bird and pest control products.
  • Offering a diversity of bird control deterrent methods.
  • Utilizing our site as a continuing education resource.
  • Providing post purchase assistance with bird device installation help and product usage.

Why is Bird Control so Important?
Here are a few reasons why it is important to control birds. 
Click on the title link above for more details.

► Prevent bird infestations.
► Control repair and cleanup costs.
► Protect equipment and products.
► Prevent destruction of property.
► Prevent the spread of bird disease to humans.
► Maintain good public image and reputation.
► Prevent slip and fall accidents from droppings.

Questions? Give us a call any time to speak with a friendly and knowledgable BirdStopper's representative.
1-866-411-6287 x2. 

Where Do I Start? 
You can easily find relevant information and bird control products by searching according to your particular industry, bird species, or bird control products.To get the most out of our site and to get started, we recommend the following tips:

► Visit our Education Center for more on birds.
► Explore Birds by Species for help identifying birds.
► Review Industry tips and strategies to repel birds.
► See our Featured Products.
► Get expert analysis and a free Evaluation.
► Our Resource Center features product installation help, demo videos, FAQs and much more.
► Contact a Bird Control Professional.
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