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SeagullSeagulls can be a very difficult bird to control especially around water and open food sources. 

Several bird control methods may be necessary to keep gulls away. Follow the recommended treatment methods below for various scenarios to repel seagulls.

Seagulls that are loafing or landing to rest on ledges, posts, signs, beams, etc. can be repelled using a combination of the following products:
  • Shock Tape and UV Paint work well together to keep gulls from landing on surfaces. The reflective paint is a great visual deterrent for gulls.
  • Add Flock Reflectors wherever a suitable mounting location is available. The more Flock Reflectors you install the more effective they will be at keeping gulls away completely. Flock Reflectors work best in open areas that get full sun and wind.
  • Bird Hazers can be very effective at repelling gulls depending on the particular environment. Contact BirdStoppers for proper hazer recommendations.
  • Gulls that like to land on light posts and parking lot lights can be controlled by adding Shock Tape or using the Shock Tape kit.
  • Gulls are notorious for landing on and ruining boats. Mount a few Flock Reflectors and lay a shock pad like the Umbrella Protector or Pallet Protector on flat surfaces.

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