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  1. Poultry dying from Bird FluLocal farmers trying to protect poultry from Avian Bird Flu.

    Recently, more reports are coming out about farmers battling bird flu especially chicken and turkey famers.
  2. Flock ReflectorThe Flock Reflector is a completely unique visual bird deterrent!

    The Flock Reflector is a new and innovative way to visually distract birds and keep them from landing and roosting.
  3. Bird Bopper BalloonBird Bopper is more than just a menacing looking beach ball!

    Bird Bopper Balloon is a visual scare deterrent that "bops" around in the wind helping to scare birds and other small animals away.
  4. Canada GooseCanadian Geese can be one of the most difficult birds of all to try and repel.

    Several articles have been written about controlling geese populations. Many products have been invented to try and repel them.
  5. WoodpeckerWoodpeckers come in a variety of different and colorful species.

    Woodpeckers are very colorful birds but boy can they be annoying, if they are pecking on the side of your house or building early in the morning.
  6. American CrowCrows have been one of the biggest problems for farmers and those that own crops.

    Every Spring through Fall these nuisance birds begin their annual ritual of destroying crops.
  7. Common GrackleGrackles and Blackbirds are similar birds that love to hang around wherever there is food or water sources.

    Pool areas and restaurants tend to have bird control problems with these particular species.
  8. SeagullSeagulls can be a very difficult bird to control especially around water and open food sources. 

    Several bird control methods may be necessary to keep gulls away.
  9. SparrowSparrows and Starlings are smaller birds which are harder to control with traditional bird control methods. They become even more difficult to control is they are nesting. Populations of small birds such as these can become extremely large, if left unattended with no specific bird control solution in place.
  10. Pigeon ControlPigeons are one of the most common pest birds and difficult to eradicate without the right products. 

    You will rarely be able to control pigeons with any single bird control method successfully.
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